Goop, she’s just like us


86179, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Friday October 26, 2012. Gwyneth Paltrow looks like a very happy mom as she picks her children Moses and Apple up from school in Los Angeles. The actress flashed a smile as she held hands with Apple, 7, while 5 year old son Moses walked with them. Photograph: Pedro Andrade/KVS, © **FEE MUST BE AGREED PRIOR TO USAGE** **E-TABLET/IPAD & MOBILE PHONE APP PUBLISHING REQUIRES ADDITIONAL FEES** LOS ANGELES OFFICE: 1 310 822 0419 LONDON OFFICE: +44 208 090 4079
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I have reached a real turning point in my life as a woman. I signed up for GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow’s aspirational newsletter, 10 years ago or whenever it launched. At the time I was a 20- something. A girl with zero cash and zero business taking lifestyle advice from a 40-something mega celeb. Nonetheless I continued to get the email and would most often ignore it.

Over the past few months marketing emails have taken on a whole new meaning for me in my work life so thus they have taken a whole new importance in my personal inbox. I have been hitting ‘open’ on the GOOP emails more frequently and quite surprised that I am finding them not only aspirational but actually valuable. Read More

21* things at 21 months

Mo is practically 22 months old. Technically he hits 22 months this weekend but it has been a while since I properly updated on life as a madre so here we go. *Full disclosure: I started this post almost two weeks ago but realized quickly that it was going to be quite lengthy. So breaking up into a three parter.

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21 things at 21 months part 1

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Guest post: Skin by Ori

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Ori at work

Happy Friday! As you can come to expect I take pride in featuring some rad moms who are doing rad things. Here today with a guest post by my friend Oriana. Just last weekend I finally took Ori up on her offer and swung by Luminary Salon in SE and had my first try at sugaring. I think I am hooked. I was amazed with the practice and of course the results.

I was introduced to Ori a few years back by our mutual friend Emma and over the past few years our paths have crossed around town. Most often at delicious local eateries. In fact it was at the lovely pizza shop Dove Vivi this past summer when Ori told me she had taken up a new practice and was jumping into the world of beauty treatments. After our session last weekend I asked Ori if she could pull together a post to introduce you all to her work and what she loves about her job. So here it is. For those of you in Portland I highly encourage you to visit Luminary and book a session with Ori, she is offering some great beginner discounts like 20% off your first service. Go ahead, you deserve it. Read More

my first event, a recap!

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caught ‘grammin

Last Thursday was my first foray into an event curated by the blog. As a reminder I partnered with the shop Perican Bing for a madre’s night out shopping party. You can read more about Dominga and her shop here & here. I definitely learned a few things in hosting an event like this for the first time and reminded myself of a few things too.

First off, I am still quite shy about this blog. It has been two years and most people who know me in real life, not blog life, don’t even know that I have this little live journal out in the world. So maybe I could do a better job of self-promoting in my day to day as I enjoy sharing these anecdotes on life these days. Read More

girlfriends & deep talks


Over the weekend I spent some time with six of my best friends from my college years. The majority of us were teammates on the track team and our friendship blossomed during early morning workouts and Sunday long runs. Three years ago as we were going into our 30th year earth side we organized a reunion trip to celebrate our friendship and our lives thus far.

This past weekend marked our third anniversary of the trip. Each year we pick a destination in the PNW and get together for a weekend of gin & tonics, laughter, a couple workouts, sing alongs & winery tours.

This year we visited Vashon Island, a 15 minute ferry ride from Seattle, is a little slice of PNW rural island life. We stayed in a 1970’s yurt inspired home with tons of personality and hit up some of the local attractions like an antique shop called Treasure Island, the local farmer’s market, a community center Zumba class (where we double the participants and dropped the median age by 25 years) & Vashon Wines- highly recommend the last two. Read More

Guest Post:

Back today as promised, a day late, to share Dominga’s style tips and perspective on a few pieces you can introduce into your wardrobe to get major style points. But first, a quick reminder to comment below or email Dominga to RSVP for our event next Thursday.


Each morning I find myself in the throng of harried-looking moms who are gently (or not) prodding their children to the school drop-off line. Whether we’re rushing off to work or to a short stint of precious solo time, we are united in our unforgiving schedules and the promise of another day of mostly the same.  I’m sure I’m not alone in my quest to figure out ways to maximize efficiencies, whether it’s shaving a few minutes off the daily commute or bedtime. Now that my daughter has adopted her own sartorial point of view, we’ve incorporated choosing outfits into the evening routine, which got me thinking about my own approach to getting dressed. Read More

PB & La Madre



Mark your calendars friends! I will be co-hosting a “madre’s night out” event here in Portland on Thursday September 29th so please spread the word and come by if you are in the area. It will be a mix and mingle event for madre’s and the perfect excuse to meet those of you that I have never had the pleasure of meeting in real life and also those of you who I don’t get to see often. My co-host for the event is Dominga Ramirez, shop owner and mastermind behind the shop Perican Bing in Portland’s Sellwood neighborhood. Read More

this week & last

Mo & his hiking buddies

Last week we took off Thursday in advance of the long holiday weekend and headed out to Trout Lake, Washington to spend some time out in nature at my uncle’s cabin. Our intention was to leave by noon but work and life got in the way of that. So, we left around 3:30pm which was no surprise to our travel buddies and friends who after this summer are more than familiar with McLauer travel schedules. That is them in the photo above. The movie star version of the Mike y Ly couple. Jenn looks like she should be in the PLL cast and I mean that in the best way possible.

Back to our late departure, I like to blame Mike but really it was all me, and some work meetings, that had more to do with it this time. It also didn’t help that we had some last minute house showings right when I got home from work that kept me from getting in the house to pack for the little trip, but that is good news. Read More

house goals

Ultimate #housegoals: our house inspo

OK, house update is here. Warning in advance that this is a lengthy post. As you may have read here or on social media, we bought our house three summers ago and always had the intention of fixing it up. It is an awesome house in the heart of South East Portland, in the same neighborhood I grew up in. We can walk everywhere. Pretty much every convenience is just around the corner: some of the best restaurants and bars in the city, a big beautiful park about 100 meters from our front door, coffee shops, book stores, ice cream shops, vintage clothes & furniture shops, food carts. Literally everything that makes Portland a desirable and livable city is at our fingertips.

When we first moved in we did some small cosmetic things to update. We took some nasty tile off the fireplace and did a really neat concrete DIY for our kitchen counters as well as used some tile paint on the backsplash. Small easy things that made the house way less offensive. Read More

no phone zone

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.52.01 AM

I have been without my iPhone (or any phone for that matter) since Saturday afternoon. Short story is that my phone is fried. Nearly five days without a cell phone. A little technology break. Sounds interesting right?

What made it extra interesting for me is the fact that I have been at work all week answering emails, in meetings, running around crazy (like normal). I am somewhat surprised that I am still afloat. Then to compound it all we had an offer on a house accepted Sunday (no we were not planning this, more to come later) and have spent the past four days getting our house in TIP TOP SHAPE for stagers, photographers, videographers, and the like with the first showings taking place today. We are on a very short time frame to get our house sold, please wish us a speedy sale. Read More