two years a madre

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As I sat down to write this post I was compelled to write it in short form, kind of like a poem or small thoughts. I knew I didn’t want to write too much or go to deep. And I knew I wanted to honor the fact that I had always imagined myself a mom to a two year old boy and today I am.

Here I am. Where I knew I wanted to be. A mama to a two year old boy.

Here you are. Wherever you want to be. A boy with a crusty nose and unkempt nails on his fingers and toes.

There I was. When you were born, not sure who this birth would make me become. But looking forward to life with you at the age of two.

There you were. When your arrival surprised us and you came before due. Tiny, squeaky and new.

Here we are. Where you sing, count, whine and yell. A two year old boy forever. Continue reading “two years a madre”


3 boring things from J.Crew

Over the weekend I hopped into J.Crew to return an item I ordered during a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale that was too good to pass up. When I heard they were offering 40% off my ears perked up and I got right online. Come a couple weeks later I ended up returning the item I ordered for myself. But upon my visit to the shop, to return said item, I was very happy to see that the 40% off was still in effect storewide!

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 12.18.04 AM.png Continue reading “3 boring things from J.Crew”

house goals part: 2


Aussie house envy

This time of year I begin to spend more time at home. Work slows down, a little, right before Thanksgiving and we begin to lean into Christmas with a couple weeks off. More time at home means decorating for the holidays of course but also time to start little fix-it projects. The more time I spend surveying little projects the more I begin dreaming up design adjustments and remodeling plans.

Since we are marking three years in our house and after the decision to stay put, more about that here & here, we have been doing more and more thinking about making our house into the house we can grow and stay in. So naturally that finds me sitting in bed, beyond bedtime, collecting photos via Dwell and on Pinterest that serve as inspiration for the solutions I am dreaming up. Continue reading “house goals part: 2”

‘Find me’ in French


‘Madre’ is mother in Spanish and in French ‘maman’. I give you this language lesson because today I am on Maman In Portland’s blog sharing a little east-side city guide focusing on our frequented spots as a family.

Enjoy! xx ly

#throwback to 7 weeks a madre


Hi! Felt like today was a great day for a #throwbackthursday post. Since Mo is turning two this month, on the 23rd, I wanted to step back and share a post about the early days. This post titled ‘7 weeks a madre’ is all about the ups and mostly downs of breastfeeding (cracked & infected nipples), sleep deprivation, post-partum workouts & the silly sweetness of having a newborn.

Looking back at photos from this time Mike and I both look super sleepy and our baby boy looks like a little rag doll- skinny, floppy and very small. I am trying to remember things that I did not write about back then or maybe glossed over. Continue reading “#throwback to 7 weeks a madre”