living in a post lemonade world

fave look from lemonade

It has been a week since the launch of Lemonade. Since I have a blog I get the opportunity to share a week’s worth of thoughts, feelings (lots of feelings), conversation, discussion, commentary on the subject. There are far more interesting, educational & academic posts out in the world which I suggest you google instead of starting here, this one is a favorite. Continue reading “living in a post lemonade world”


throwback to 33 weeks pregnant

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In a Parisian fitting room on a work trip Autumn 2014

Back this week with another dip into the archives. I consider this post to be one of my most honest pieces about pregnancy and parenthood. I wrote this at 33 weeks pregnant and it is a post that makes me feel like this blog is really worth it. Worth it in the sense that it allows me to voice my opinion on the situation, express my thoughts and have a place to come back and revisit.

My foray into motherhood came as a big surprise. Continue reading “throwback to 33 weeks pregnant”

In The Archives

Mo at his four month check up last year

The term ‘throwback Thursday’ has become so commonplace that I am opting to take it as an excuse to go back into my archives and uncover some of my earlier posts.

Today I am taking us back to almost a year ago. My post titled ‘17 weeks a madre‘. This post was all about sleep. Which is still a major subject of conversation for me and my fellow madre friends. Last I wrote about sleep, two weeks back, I was celebrating the fact that Mo had slept through the night for a whole week, BIG accomplishment. Continue reading “In The Archives”

sale alert

I have been waiting for a reason to pick up some of this very pretty wallpaper from Chasing Paper and today might just be that day… They are having a SALE!!! If only I knew off hand the dimensions of the various ‘could be’ projects throughout our house, it would be reason enough to collect a few rolls. 

If you don’t know about Chasing Paper, it is beautifully designed removable wallpaper. Heaven sent, right?

I figure Mo’s room could do with a refresh, especially seeing that their Wild Thing paper as seen below is on the sale rack. Maybe this prompts some home décor inspo for you. You are welcome in advance! Have you have tried this or something similar, would love to hear and see your results.

xx Ly

image via @chasingpapernyc

This is 32


Either I am pregnant or I am getting old. My 32nd birthday was last Sunday. I celebrated with a small dinner Saturday night followed by an appropriately rowdy night of drinks round a fire pit at a favorite bar and maybe a late nite drive thru at McDonalds (see above morning after evidence). Friends from various corners of my life, though mostly work cause, this is 32 when your job is your life/social life, came to celebrate. I was delighted by the fanfare and well wishes. My celebration continued into the work week with two bouquets of flowers from my coworkers, krispy kreme donuts & more treats sprinkled through out the week. It was a great birthday and I am happy to be 32. Continue reading “This is 32”