new favorite insta acct

Happy Monday! I am here today with a really great present for you. To all my readers who are into dudes, Disneyland or just admire a cute guy with his kids this post is for you!

Last week Mike & I were tagged in a post on insta by my bff. She introduced us to a new (to us) account titled DILFS of Disneyland. Yes, DILFS of Disneyland. I love, love, love Disneyland and no I don’t mind (sing that like Usher and this post will be 100x better for your Monday morning) looking at some eye candy on my insta, who doesn’t right?

dilfs of disneyland blog post

The account delivers on just what it sounds like it would. Dads and their kids enjoying Disneyland and California Adventure Park. Pretty great. I have no clue who is responsible for this account but from the looks of it I am lead to believe it is one part regram approach for the account. But there also has to be a Disney employee, or as they are referred to by those in the know, a Disney cast member. I am stumped though, I assume that snapping pics while working at the park is against the Mickey Mouse code of conduct. Nonetheless it is a really fun account to follow & the captions are funny little reads.

dilfs of disneyland

I already am way too excited to take Mo to Disney and now I have the anticipation (hope) of getting Mike featured on the account when we are there! From the looks of it though he will need some tattoos, most dads featured have got some ink. The girls who run this account definitely seem to have a type: dark hair, beard, tattoos, shades & a stroller.

how to be a hip dad

Sadly, I don’t think we will be taking Mo to Disney for at least another three years. I don’t see the use in taking him when we can’t walk or speak. It would be a waste of all of our time if we went before he hit three, gonna be hard waiting that long though.

Any other DILF accounts I should be following?

xx Ly


Baby? What Baby?

Back today with a guest post! Kaitlin Krull is a writer for Modernize a site that features contemporary home remodeling ideas and inspiration. I asked her to put together a post of her favorite solutions to avoid those typical eyesores (monstrous baby gear) that invade your hip home as soon as your baby has arrived.

The Baby Bjorn Cradle featured above is a favorite of mine. When we were purchasing items for our to be born baby I thought it was too expensive, but I am still crushing on it. I love the clean aesthetic and sweet simple design. Continue reading to see Kaitlin’s recommendations.

Even the cleverest tidier knows that some baby products cannot simply be hidden away in time for dinner parties. Larger items such as bouncers, beds, and high chairs are on permanent display, so if you’re worried about the aesthetic of these products, here are some of the best.

Phil&Teds Nest

The ingenious design of this ultra modern and chic travel cot is both functional and stylish. Use it in your living room as a bassinet or take it with you wherever you go for a high fashion sleeping space for baby.

phil_teds_Nestvia The Bump

Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair

This Scandinavian classic has been around for decades with very little change to the original design. This high chair is an essential buy for all new parents, because not only is it good looking (it comes in almost every color), it can also be used from birth until adulthood. Talk about getting more for your money.

modern high chair review

via projectnursery

Munchkin Loft Dark Wood Gate

Baby gates are the symbol of family houses. If you see a gate, a child lives there. Unfortunately, most of them are cheap looking, plastic, and most certainly do not match the interior of the house. This gate isn’t perfect, but it’s about as close as you are going to get with gates.

hip looking baby gate

via Buy Buy Baby

Charlie Crane Levo Baby Rocker

This baby rocker is so adorable everyone will want to have a snuggle in it. The modern design coupled with the high quality fabric disguise it in such a way that, sitting in the corner of the room, no one would guess it was a baby seat. Baby product perfection.


via alexandalexa

If you look hard enough, you will find that it is possible to keep a stylish home and a baby at the same time. That is, until you become the parent of a toddler, when all bets are off.

For more ideas and inspiration, head to

Thanks for sharing Kaitlin! This was a fun feature and eye opening to some of the options that exist. Most of all though, thank you for reminding me about the stokke high chair we have stored at my aunts house, a hand me down!

xx Ly

this gamechanger is the shit

Warning this is a super HOTT post.

Just last night while picking up diapers at Target, who have I become(!?!) I had the good idea to explore the manual breast pump options. My sister used one when she was nursing and I remember my mom saying how much she had liked it. The reason for this exploration is to due yet another trip for work I have next week. I wanted something less bulky to pack and something that would be easy to use on layovers.

Initially a manual breast pump sounded like too much work, for obvious reasons, the word manual being the most obvious. I was hesitant to pull the trigger on it but decided to get one and bring it home knowing I could return if I didn’t think it would work. I opted for the Medela Harmony model which was around $40. I see now on target’s website that it is only $27, so might have to go back and ask for some cash back. I also opted to purchase some of the milk bags to use versus bottles. While I have become accustomed to rinsing and cleaning the bottles everyday and night it does get a bit laborious. Before becoming a madre was I ever so militant about emptying the sink before bed. So the disposable milk bags are a game changer.

I jumped right in and used the manual pump and baggies for the first time last night. We went to the movies so I missed the nighttime feeding while my sister babysat. Once I got home I decided to put the pump to use. I was impressed with how easy to use it was and how well it worked. Most of all I am happy that I am going to have a discreet option to take with me while I am traveling. I could easily fit the manual pump into my purse or work bag and definitely my carryon.

And because you are curious, the above photo is of Mo trying to eat some little shit emojis the other weekend at a friend’s bridal shower.

xx Ly

(I don’t know how many) weeks a madre

I could not tell you even if I tried my hardest, and I did for a minute, how many weeks Mo is today. What I do know that today he is another week old as he was born on a Tuesday.

I see this as a good sign. He is becoming more substantial for lack of a better word. He hits seven months on Thursday and if I was good at math and knew exactly how many weeks are in each month I would have an answer on the weeks front. But I don’t know.

At nearly seven months old the boy is sitting like a champ and laughing a lot. Just this past weekend we were all three sitting at a coffee shop and out of nowhere the boy has a laughing fit. We didn’t think we said anything particularly funny and no one was tickling the guy so we were a little concerned at first. But the more concerned our faces got the more funny he thought things were. So, we will just assume that the boy was amused with our coffee talk and leave it at that.

We have begun to introduce him to some solid foods. I often will give him the heal of a baguette to gnaw on as he finds this to be a huge and exciting task, being responsible for holding it in his hands and making out with it. It gets pretty cute to see him so determined. Other recent edible adventures have included: watermelon, bananas, sweet potatoes and a lick of a lemon popsicle that he was super into- blame it on the sugar.

Sleep has been more hit and miss recently. When I was in LA last week for work he slept 10 hours a night for my mom. Since I got back he has routinely been up at 3 or 4am to nurse. I hear I am supposed to wean him off but have not had much luck or determination on that front. He does sleep in great as witnessed this weekend on instagram and in the photo above.

Doing the whole ‘working mom’/ ‘working dad’ thing continues to be going good for us. A lot of it has to do with the help we get from family. I am off next week for another business trip and will be spending all week in Mexico City so Mike and my mom will be on Mo duty yet again without me. Our work schedules have us pretty busy but are also flexible. If I do not have a meeting right at 8am I can spend a little more time with Mo in the morning and same goes for Mike.

That is about all I have for updates, expect a few posts soon about working out with baby & a post I have been meaning to share for a while: my favorite workout gear that doubles as nursing gear!!! Also, I signed up for the Nike Women’s half marathon that takes place in mid October. So I will leave you with a photo of Mo in the running stroller!

half marathon training mommy blog

xx Ly

what I do

I often get the question of what it is I actually do for work. It is hard to explain to the people who aren’t ‘in the industry‘ and is even hard to explain to my peers at work. Since the popularity of Mad Men, the ins and outs of my job have become a lot easier for people to understand. So let me break it down for you. I work on the client side meaning my team is responsible for briefing in a concept for a commercial and seeing it through until it goes live. Along the way making sure the creative does the best job of depicting the brand and ensuring that our product and athletes are flawlessly represented. Most often I am sitting in a directors chair looking at a monitor making sure with our team that everything looks good in frame as we are rolling.

I am lucky enough to work for Nike, the biggest athletics brand in the world. Even more fortunate to have grown up with Nike, based in Beaverton, in my backyard. Ever since I can remember working at Nike was my dream job. I never knew exactly where I would end up at the company and could not be happier with where I have landed. I work in our division called Brand Marketing and within a function called Brand Communications. What does that mean, you are thinking. Brand Communications is the group responsible for advertising. I work on television commercials, print ads, online ads and out of home advertising (billboards, bus shelters, etc.).

My most recent campaign launched yesterday and is called ‘Short A Guy’. It was a whirlwind production, that took place when I was down in LA two weeks ago. Enjoy!

xx Ly

the life of a manicure

I have written before about my love for a manicure. Since becoming a madre I have kept my appointments, every four weeks, consistent and found a few ways to game the system so that I don’t have to take too much time away to get my nails did. While on my recent shoot in LA I noticed I was taking lots of fotos including my hands in them and liked the consistency that my nails provided. Below are my tips and tricks for flawless madre nails accompanied by a photo series of said nails. Continue reading “the life of a manicure”

summer dress

A few weeks back I wrote about the hard time I was having finding dresses to wear in the summer that allowed me to easily nurse Mo without having to pull the skirt of the dress up to expose my undies, stomach and boobs.

Adia Dress by American Apparel
Adia Dress by American Apparel

Unfortunately my cry for help fell on deaf ears. I did not really get any good tips or pointers on styles to check out as I was anticipating.

But after this weekend I have found a savior in the dress department for nursing women. I stopped in the American Apparel in our neighborhood and tried on a dress I had been eyeing. After a quick check for access to my breasts in the fitting room I knew I had a winner and immediately scooped it up.

It is the Adia Dress and at $54 is a great find in my book. It is a tunic style that can be worn as a dress in the summer, or over pants/tights in the cooler temps. The feature that makes it best for nursing is the low slit at the neckline. This feature allows for me to effortlessly feed Mo without exposing anything I don’t need to. The main reason though that I opted for the dress is that the silhouette is very flattering and chic.

low neckline = easy access
low neckline = easy access

I am very pleased with the purchase and plan to  be getting lots of wears out of it.

Happy nursing & happy dress shopping!

xx Ly

July is the best

front yard July 4th picnic rations

 Six days into July and I can already say that it is my favorite month ever. A few things contributed to why July has been so amazing.

  1. Three day weekend.
  2. Friends & family.
  3. Holiday traditions.

In case you missed it, we had a national holiday on Saturday and because of that we had Friday off from work which, you guessed it, equals: THREE DAY WEEKEND!!!

mo & his brooklyn auntie

My best friend Emi came into town from NY to stay with us for the holiday weekend. My cousin Alma returned from 3 weeks abroad and our lifelong Elizabeth heard about all of us getting together and booked a flight too!

family foto

 The Fourth of July has become a cherished holiday for me due in large part to the kids parade in my parent’s neighborhood. I was looking forward to it this year especially as a milestone. Last year, post parade, we announced our pregnancy to my family with a little American Apparel onesie featuring the American flag on it. I dressed Mo in the onesie right before we headed up to the parade this year which was special. It fit him perfectly, so perfect in fact that I am nervous it might not fit him in a couple weeks.

front yard boys

We spent the majority of the weekend in our front yard which is a new thing. Our back yard is probably four times the size of our front yard but the large patch of shade provided by the walnut tree in our front yard was a very welcomed destination. Friday we enjoyed lunch with old friends from out of town in the front yard. Saturday an impromptu Fourth of July picnic and Sunday the Women’s World Cup viewing with a large group of friends followed by movie night featuring Almost Famous.  

 Every single day this weekend was full or enjoyable moments with people I love, keep it up July!

xx Ly