#mondays baby with attitude


It likely is only on a few people’s radar that I put pause (indefinitely) on the whole #madrefotoproject charade. When I say a few its somewhat comical because only a few people actually read this blog so the number of people who a) knew about the photo project b) participated and/or c) were anticipating another two weeks of challenges is super duper tiny. Like maybe one person. So… to you that one person who was participating in the #madrefotoproject AND reading the blog, I apologize if you were looking forward to another couple weeks of challenges. Continue reading “quitting”

drool bibs

the drool is real

PEOPLE! We are in the midst of teething right now. Mo has two bottom teeth that are 99% done coming in and from the looks of things more should be coming through very very soon. The teething nights have begun as well. Last week was a real toughie for us all with the sleep situation. Continue reading “the drool is real”

running on 3 words

We started running with Mo in late April, when he became big and sturdy enough to sit and fit into the seat of the stroller, meaning we don’t have to use the carseat attachment. As I mentioned before, we got a hand me down BOB stroller from a family member. Running with him is no joke and definitely takes some adjustment time. I want to believe it is more of a full body workout with the pushing and all but am not 100% sure of that.

I have gotten to the point where I can push him with one arm and alternate my arms every so often so that I get some balance to my stride. Continue reading “running on 3 words”

#madrefotoproject week 3

Another week of September & another week of the #madrefotoproject. This weekend might have been our last week of Summer here in Portland & we took good advantage of the weather. Spending Saturday out at my uncle’s farm in the swimming pool.

This week’s assignment focuses on light. I am always impressed and surprised with the light flares I accidentally capture with my iphone and the small tweaks or adjustments you can make with the camera phone to capture your moments and make them extra special. Continue reading “#madrefotoproject week 3”


#madrefotoproject week 2

Week one of the #madrefotoproject is complete. Thank you to those of you who participated this past week in the photo challenge. It was really fun to check the hashtag and watch it grow slowly throughout the week. I have chosen a few here to share here. These also happen to be from some of the first of you to contribute and share. It is great to see how people accepted the challenge and found different ways to capture their moments for assignment #1. Go check out these accounts to read their personal stories associated with the fotos. Continue reading “#madrefotoproject week 2”

a really good reminder

While reading some industry related articles yesterday I stumbled across this article one WIRED. It was a really good reminder as instagram is such a must have these days for everyone and especially as I am in the midst of promoting my #madrefotoproject. This quote specifically resonated & I hope you use it as inspiration and permission to not only post the real deal but also tell the story about it. Continue reading “a really good reminder”