Red Dress

As promised I am back with the reveal of which dress I chose to wear for my cousin’s wedding this past weekend. It was my first winter wedding and it was filled with woodsy touches. My favorite was the cake with two cut out bear silhouettes on top. The whole things was really sweet and special. Apologies in advance for the  bathroom selfie & poor photo quality, I spared you from the photos with the red eyes! Just keeping it real over here.

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Baby Shower Swag

I have been lucky enough thus far to have two showers thrown in my honor. The first being last Saturday up in Seattle. On my cousin’s houseboat decorated with very sweet gender neutral decor items like pom poms hanging from the ceiling and mini pinatas made of seafoam, mauve and yellow tissue paper. We ate a lunch of enchiladas, tamales and sangria . Being only the second madre in our crew it was a really silly and special day with my cousin and college girlfriends.

On Sunday I was back in Portland at my mother in law’s house for my second shower. This one hosted by my sister in law. It was for what I called the ’50+ crowd’. A group of aunts, grannies and friends of my mother and mother in law. The party was a luncheon with a beautiful spread of salads, sandwiches, parfaits and best of all a mimosa bar stocked with various juices, soda waters and champagne! It was the perfect ladies luncheon.

I provided a round up of my favorite gifts thus far. They are all gender neutral since we don’t know if this little one is a he or she. Hopefully this provides some good inspiration for the next shower you attend or maybe even some gifts for the babies on your holiday list.

gender neutral registry

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motherhood anxiety

motherhood wtf making la madre

Warning: today’s post is an honest note regarding my awareness (anxiety) that I soon will be a madre.

Growing up and envisioning future me, I always imagined myself in a powersuit, with a baby on my hip and holding another ones hand as it stood beside me. I don’t know what my job was but obviously I was pretty important if I was wearing a skirt/suit jacket combo, had good hair and was in heels. There was not a man in the picture- I figure I was divorced or maybe I adopted the kids on my own. But that was us, that was my family and I was a busy and important woman with two kids along for the ride. Not surprisingly, I was raised to be a strong and independent girl who would undoubtedly become a strong and independent woman. My peers were other girls- best friends and cousins. We were a group of imaginative silly characters that played games, sang songs, were neighborhood entrepreneurs and became women together. Today we continue to celebrate and support each other across the country.

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Maternity Style Crush #6

maternity style crush kristen bell

Kristen Bell is not someone I would typically gravitate towards for style. I do gravitate towards her however because she is a really funny and adorable actress. Everyone has seen the sloth video from her Ellen Show interview a few years back right? If not its definitely worth a viewing for some laughs.

This is her second pregnancy and she has had a few looks that are really fun and unexpected. I love seeing people take fashion risks and I think an extra degree of confidence is due when you are willing to take such risks with a baby belly. She has this pretty great quote from a few weeks back about her maternity style:

“I make a joke that when I’m pregnant, I always dress a little sluttier. It makes me feel more like a human and less like a whale.”

I think thats some damn good advice! Below is a round up of some of my favorite looks of hers. The yellow and black jumpsuit, above, has to be my favorite. I love how bold it is, and rocking a jumpsuit during maternity I lam into for multiple reasons! The casual black dress looks amazing on her and I am immediately drawn to the casual tomboy look of her in jeans and a big tee.


kristen bell maternity style


xx Ly

winter weather round up

With this kid is due at the new year I have begun to stock up on cozy house clothes. Items that will keep me warm, cute and clothed between napping, nursing and welcoming visitors the first few weeks. I am trying to prepare myself so I am not a complete slob those first weeks/months and so that I have things I look forward to wearing. I have begun to find a few pieces to upgrade my sleep clothes/ lounge clothes that will make things a little easier and likely up my mood and esteem when I will otherwise and likely be a complete wreck.

Back in October I kickstarted my cozy wardrobe. At Anthropologie I picked up a pair of satin lounge pants (pajamas) with some really great details that elevate these pants from sleepwear to acceptable house clothes. Details such as: an elastic waistband (a must for the ‘4th trimester’), a pretty paisley (very Anthro) pattern, lace trim along the hem and pockets, and a tapered fit that grazes right above the ankle for a very flattering style. Unfortunately these are no longer on their site, they must have been carry over from Summer. But the round up below includes some similar pairs that I am thinking about. I have also added a few other items that will be musts as I am at home in the cold winter months taking care of this little person.

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praxis jewelry custom bracelets

When you become a new mom you automatically get a necklace with your kids initials, birthdate or some combination of the both. Not really, but thats sure what it seems like with the moms I know. I love the idea and the sentiment. If you are looking for something to gift a soon to be madre friend, or just a regular friend, I have found something to provide an affordable and little more subtle and edgy option.

Back in the spring a friend tipped me off to the designer Alison Cecil and her shop- Praxis Jewelry. She does custom jewelry in brass or silver that allows you to create something special with words and/or numbers of your choosing. My girlfriends and I got together for our 30th birthdays. A weekend in the woods and wine tasting to celebrate. We wanted to have a special something to commemorate the milestone and trip, the photo above is the collection we ordered for our weekend. We each got one with something personal on it.

Since ordering my first batch I have continued to order them as birthday presents for friends and my sister, a few more for myself, and I was pleasantly surprised to receive a set of three from my +1 for our anniversary in August. They are really simple sweet gifts and the touch of personalization really makes these special. The price is right too with their being a discount for orders of multiples. The silver ones start at $21 per.

I can’t help but think how these bracelets would work as great gifts for a new madre- put her kids name, the birthdate or something special on to the bracelets. I like the idea of: SHIT JUST GOT REAL w/ babies birthdate.

Hope you like!
xx Ly

More from ASOS

ASOS maternity dresses

shop these looks: 1, 2, 3, 4

So I lied… Earlier this week I said I was gonna pull out some shift dresses from my closet and make them work for next weekend’s family wedding. Since saying that I visited ASOS and prompted by the promo code on Joanna Goddard’s blog I opted to scoop up four new options. Said options should be arriving today on my doorstep and I look forward to seeing how they fit and flatter. And will determine if they can do the work for next weekend’s Chicago area wedding.

I chose four quite different styles. Left to right above:

  1. The Knit Dress looks soft and cozy, perfect for the weather with the long sleeves and material. I can pair it with some opaque tights or maybe even bare my legs if weather permits.
  2. The Body Con Dress in Baroque comes with this layered on necklace which for me was a plus! Lets see how it fits.
  3. The Exclusive Lace Body Con Dress is my favorite for the season, just hoping it lives up to my hype when I try it on. I love the bold color and cute bow.
  4. The Shift Dress with Bird & Floral embroidery kinda reads wallpaper but I really like it. It also seems like it might be a little more appropriate for warmer climates but it was worth a try.

Will be back next week or soon after with my review- one of these or one of the ones from my closet will make the rounds next weekend at the wedding or one of the upcoming holiday parties on the calendar.

xx Ly

bitch stole my look!

hatch collection dress

hatch collection dress $288 | gap body night shirt $49.95

As I have noted before, I am a major fan of the Hatch Collection. A purchase this weekend from Gap Body and a viewing of this photo, of Hatch founder Ariane in her buttondown dress, made me realize I had just produced in jest an attempt of ‘bitch stole my look’. Now I know this is not exactly a ‘BSML’ moment but I was impressed with how similar the two were. Continue reading “bitch stole my look!”

That Asos Dress

A few weeks back I wrote about my love for ASOS and of course their maternity wear (here). I now have some photos to share- unsolicited, but who cares! I just got the link to my sister in law’s wedding photos where my mirror floral dress made its debut. The professional photo does not do a great job of showing the bump, which could be a plus or a minus to the dress or just the situation at 21 weeks. I did provide the instagram below it to show the dress from another angle.

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Recently in Rotation

pintuck panel leggings nordstrom

These leggings from Nordstrom have been a constant in my wardrobe since I picked them up at the Anniversary Sale in July. I bought them a size up so their elastic waist would appropriately accommodate my growing mid section and they have worked out wonderfully! I get many compliments on the leggings and everyone mistakes them for jeans. I often style them with an oversize t shirt to cover my a$$ along with layering on cardigans or jackets. They do double duty with either my favorite boots for the season or even a pair of Nikes. I am about to go ahead and purchase the ‘green baluga’ color as these pants are so versatile. I know another pair will be welcomed into my outfit rotation once the little one arrives and I am looking for something comfy to wear around the house or to wear out on our errands in the city that has a little style or edge.

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