Five things from an MBA Madre


Back this week with a guest post from my longtime friend Sarah J. Sarah and I went to elementary school and were neighbors growing up, we were a few years apart in school and had fun making the teachers believe we were sisters. We pulled it off pretty well until the fifth grade or so.

Today Sarah lives in NYC with her husband and seven month old son Sol. Soon after she became a madre I told Sarah that whenever she was ready I would love to have her share her experiences on the blog. I left the brief open and am so happy to report that the post she pulled together is all about the five things she wants new moms to know. What she isn’t telling you though, is that this could also easily be ‘five things that got me through the last six months of my MBA and the first six months of being a madre‘. Sarah has just graduated, in May, with an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business. TOTAL MOM GOALS. Continue reading “Five things from an MBA Madre”


Working madre update

Today’s post is all about the ‘work work work work work’. As a working madre I like taking the time every so often to share some of the work I get to participate in at the office. When we are not too busy twinning (see below) our team gets to inspire women around the world through sport and fitness. As you can likely tell by the smiles on our faces below, its a job we love!

working mom blog
twinning & on trend with some of my work wives 

About this time last summer I shared some work that had just launched by my team. Today I am back, in a new role, with more fun work to share. My current team focuses on storytelling and activation across the vast digital landscape. We look after .com, social media, email and influence all digital touch-points for our consumer. Continue reading “Working madre update”


Today I am in a mood. I cannot stop thinking about the tragedies that continue to take place in this country. July is my favorite month and while I would typically share more photos from the Fourth of July or rattle off a list of favorite baby shoes. This week I can’t. I don’t want to, so I won’t. What I can do is try my best to express how I am feeling inside and the million heavy thoughts that are floating around in my head and weighing down a heavy heart.

These three posts from the past couple of days have resonated with me and I wanted to share them in the event you have not had the chance to see them. Continue reading “#blacklivesmatter”