guest post: brunch baby

Today we have a guest post from Emi in Brooklyn. If you don’t know yet Emi is my best friend of 30 years (pretty much since birth). We keep up online throughout the week via gchat, email and text. When not texting photos of Mo and Nicky (her posh city livin’ cat) we are sharing links from the web featuring unnecessary home furnishings, black leather boots and new favorite blog posts. We like the idea of sharing this space with you to feature the real life and times of women these days. Not just madres but real women living and dealing with their real lives.

Earlier this month we were emailing about some posts she would be lining up for the blog and we fell into the topic of dining with your friends AND their kids. Emi and Steve are not yet parents so they have the fun job of being the good friends that oblige to brunch with their friends and their friends kids.

Click through to read this story. Not only cause we all can relate but also cause Emi is 100x a better writer than I ever will be.

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Three day wknd

Jumping for joy that we have a three day weekend! After a very busy week at work I am happy to have some down time. We might go to the mountain, we might go to a cabin, we might just stay out and enjoy having nothing to do.  Continue reading “Three day wknd”

Post partum realness

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I don’t know if I am inspired by the flood of baby showers so far this month or maybe because it is a throwback Thursday,  either way, I am sharing this image from a little over a year ago. I was three days postpartum and in my natural habitat- a Nordstrom fitting room, getting some nursing bras.

At this point, after nine months of pregnancy, I had a collection of ‘bumpies’ on my phone. I found myself for the first time in a fitting room with the baby nestled in his car seat on the fitting room floor and an honest view of my body three days after giving birth. So I instinctively snapped a pic. Continue reading “Post partum realness”

January at age 31

It is January of my 31st year and it is only the 11th day. But somehow I have already had four baby showers happen in the past 11 days of this year. I only was able to make it to two. Even only attending two showers over the course of the 11 days of January it is obvious that a shift has happened in my life. I have not received a single save the date or wedding invite in the past six months but four invitations for baby showers. WOW. Times they sure are a changing, huh?

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a new schedule

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Guess what I did last night… One guess. I never would have guessed it myself. But I sautéed some butternut squash, sliced up some cheese and cooked an egg for Mario’s lunch. He started at the smallest of the three daycare/play schools out at my work today.

So much more work on my end was required to get him geared up for the day. Getting him in clean and appropriate clothes, make a lunch, pack diapers, a bottle, a ‘security blanket’ and a family photo.

We opted to get him into the little daycare out on campus one day a week, to give my mom a day off and for selfish reasons on my part. I wanted the chance to spend more time with him during the week, so by dropping him off at 8/8:30 at the daycare on campus I get to spend a little more time with him in the morning (in the car) and then have to pick him up promptly by 5pm so that means that I see him way sooner than normal days. I had imagined it would get me out of the office a bit earlier Continue reading “a new schedule”