this time last year

I reached my one year ‘blogiversary’ in mid September and realized I might actually have some good content on here. I had the initial idea to resurface some old posts that were favorites and do a little looking back on la madre. That did not happen. Continue reading “this time last year”


decorating for the holidays

I know it is not yet Thanksgiving but I do have some Christmas related thoughts on my mind. I am actually quite proud of myself for thinking this far ahead. I think it has to do with the fact that Mario turns one in exactly a month, the day before Christmas Eve. The though of the typical hustle and bustle of the holidays: decorating, shopping, partying, wrapping up work  has me in a bit of HOLY SHIT mode.

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weekends are for momo

At 10 months into being a family of three, I can’t help but feel like I didn’t really know the value of a weekend prior to having a baby. I realize how ridiculous this is to say, but hear me out. Weekends pre baby were fun. Sleeping in & going out, doing things that I could not fit into the workweek. They were good, but never really felt like a real escape from the week. Partially due to who I would spend my weekends with, a lot of friends from work, but also because I would do a fair amount of work or be traveling for work on weekends.

Nowadays we still sleep in and we still go out. But, as you can imagine, we do most of it with Mario. We get dedicated time as a family unit, which Continue reading “weekends are for momo”

goodbye nursing

I stopped nursing and pumping in September and realized that I didn’t even blog about it, does that count as a sin?!?

Lets be honest though, I have not been blogging about much lately. My recent trip to Mexico provided me with some time to use the computer while Mario was napping so I am getting to update the blog and program a few posts for the next couple weeks! Continue reading “goodbye nursing”