Personal Uniform

personal style uniform brandy melviille t shirt madre madrewell

I have mentioned before that white t shirts are a bit of a vice of mine. I love a clean white t shirt and truly feel like you can never have enough. Between spilling food on my shirt, about 100% more likely when your stomach sticks out way farther than it used to, and pit stains (too graphic?) in my too old favorite white t, I justify my purchases and versify my wardrobe with updated white t’s at least every season.

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Hatch Collection Bateau Dress

hatch collection bateau dress stripes

As I get more and more into this pregnancy thing I love, love, love wearing dresses. When wearing pants, or anything with a real waist, by the end of the day my waist and stomach feel so constricted and tight. So dresses have been lovely. I especially liked them at the beginning of my pregnancy because they concealed the bump pretty well.

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Gone Crazy!

Urbo2 Mamas and Papas Stroller

That moment has come. I am closing in on 25 weeks pregnant and gone into the crazies. Yesterday afterwork my +1 and I visited the local shop Posh Baby to learn about some strollers. We were greeted by a hip NYC Granny, Tara, who helped us explore the merchandise. I knew already that I wanted to see the Uppababy Vista and the Mama’s & Papa’s Urbo2. I had done my online research and determined that for us- city living folks, we want a stroller that is minimal on bulk and has some style points- hard to come by in the stroller industry.

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Maternity Style Crush #1

maternity style crush natasha goldenberg

Today we are going to talk style inspiration. I recently started following Natasha Goldenberg on Instagram after seeing her featured on The Glow’s Instagram account a few times. She is a NYC based stylist and designer (must be heaven!) who is expecting her second kid very soon.

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OTR Baby

Have you seen this performance from the Jay-Z and Beyonce On The Run Tour? They closed out each show with this mash up of Young Forever and Halo. It is a montage of personal moments from the couple life together featuring their wedding video, Blue Ivy’s birth and numerous happy snaps from vacations, holidays and family get togethers. It was a really memorable and special moment for me this summer to watch this at their show as I was 17 weeks pregnant and loving the positive family vibes that the end to the show was providing.

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After dinner knits not after dinner drinks


Okay, now we can say it. Welcome to FALL!!! What better way to welcome in the season than with a post about some cozy knits! Still in Santa Monica for work and one way to entertain this lady after dinner is to walk into the Madewell and try some clothes on… I can’t grab a drink so this has become my little night cap while on business and staying so close to the shop.

The two sweaters I found were so soft to the touch and great wool/alpaca blends available in a few different colors. As you can see in the photo below the green sweater (pictured above in gray) has a zipper detail so it can fit through my various stages of pregnancy and fit in different styles with the zipper all the way unzipped or just subtly unzipped for a more fitted look.

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Hello and welcome to (almost) Autumn! The temperature in LA, where I am for work this week, has dropped enough for me to layer on this TOPSHOP Maternity jacket that I bought a few months back. I wanted to share this jacket even though yes it is maternity but love that it is not at all obviously maternity. Its just a bit oversize and I can already tell will provide LOTS of room come the end of this pregnancy.

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summer style at 13 weeks


Sad to say that summer is coming to a close, but have to share the look that got me through summer this year. Seen above is the outfit I wore for the annual 4th of July festivities in my parents neighborhood. July 4th was also the day that we chose to announce our news to the family- the American Apparel onesie was our vehicle of choice.

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hola from la madre



Welcome to my blog inspired by a recent trip to Madewell. I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with my first child and have been struggling with how to ‘dress the bump’. Both my personality and fashion sense lean towards not wanting to show off the belly in stretchy tanks or dresses and I am not excited about spending more money on a pair of flattering jeans to wear for four months that are more expensive than anything I owend pre-pregnancy. This is a dilemma that I can imagine a lot of madres to be are in.

So after a recent wander into a Madewell store I was surprised to learn that the clothes I always thought were cute- were actually perfect for my expanding figure. Honestly though, I never really owned anything aside from a white tee-shirt (more to come about those) from the shop but once I hit the dressing room I walked out with about 8 items ready for my Fall/Holiday 2014 wardrobe. What made me feel the best about these purchases was that they were in fact NOT maternity clothes.

Coming soon- photos of how I choose to style these pieces and what I like about wearing them as maternity clothes.

Thanks for checking me out!
xx Ly

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