‘Find me’ in French


‘Madre’ is mother in Spanish and in French ‘maman’. I give you this language lesson because today I am on Maman In Portland’s blog sharing a little east-side city guide focusing on our frequented spots as a family.

Enjoy! xx ly

house goals

Ultimate #housegoals: our house inspo

OK, house update is here. Warning in advance that this is a lengthy post. As you may have read here or on social media, we bought our house three summers ago and always had the intention of fixing it up. It is an awesome house in the heart of South East Portland, in the same neighborhood I grew up in. We can walk everywhere. Pretty much every convenience is just around the corner: some of the best restaurants and bars in the city, a big beautiful park about 100 meters from our front door, coffee shops, book stores, ice cream shops, vintage clothes & furniture shops, food carts. Literally everything that makes Portland a desirable and livable city is at our fingertips.

When we first moved in we did some small cosmetic things to update. We took some nasty tile off the fireplace and did a really neat concrete DIY for our kitchen counters as well as used some tile paint on the backsplash. Small easy things that made the house way less offensive. Continue reading “house goals”

This is 32


Either I am pregnant or I am getting old. My 32nd birthday was last Sunday. I celebrated with a small dinner Saturday night followed by an appropriately rowdy night of drinks round a fire pit at a favorite bar and maybe a late nite drive thru at McDonalds (see above morning after evidence). Friends from various corners of my life, though mostly work cause, this is 32 when your job is your life/social life, came to celebrate. I was delighted by the fanfare and well wishes. My celebration continued into the work week with two bouquets of flowers from my coworkers, krispy kreme donuts & more treats sprinkled through out the week. It was a great birthday and I am happy to be 32. Continue reading “This is 32”