this is halloween.

This little song from The Nightmare Before Christmas has been in my head the past few weeks. But how is it that Halloween is this weekend?!? If I was a kid, or even a college student, I would be counting down the days to play dress up and debut my smart and unique costume. Continue reading “this is halloween.”


working madre update

I wrote a few weeks back that I was transitioning into a new job at work. I have joined our global digital function working as part of the leadership group that oversees Nike Women. Moving from our traditional advertising group to the digital side is a really good fit for me. My affinity for social media, blogs, apps and all things .com has me feeling right at home. It is a truly exciting time to work with this group and something I had been aiming at for quite a while.

This new job is a promotion so both professionally and personally I am thrilled. The work is demanding and the days are long but I truly enjoy all that I am doing and especially the people I am working with. In my ‘perfect world’ I would have landed this promotion before I even got pregnant. Things rarely go to plan, right? Continue reading “working madre update”

five things I didn’t need for baby

I was asked a couple months back by a friend, due in December, who lives in an apartment in NYC to share the things that after Mo arrived I soon realized that I didn’t really need. Continue reading “five things I didn’t need for baby”


A few months back we were on the Plated kick. I loved the service but travel and busy schedules got in the way of us being able to take advantage of the preparedness. Cut to life the past few weeks. Dinner has been far from home cooking and if it is, it’s not made by us or even eaten at our dining room table. Continue reading “Babyfood”