house goals

Ultimate #housegoals: our house inspo

OK, house update is here. Warning in advance that this is a lengthy post. As you may have read here or on social media, we bought our house three summers ago and always had the intention of fixing it up. It is an awesome house in the heart of South East Portland, in the same neighborhood I grew up in. We can walk everywhere. Pretty much every convenience is just around the corner: some of the best restaurants and bars in the city, a big beautiful park about 100 meters from our front door, coffee shops, book stores, ice cream shops, vintage clothes & furniture shops, food carts. Literally everything that makes Portland a desirable and livable city is at our fingertips.

When we first moved in we did some small cosmetic things to update. We took some nasty tile off the fireplace and did a really neat concrete DIY for our kitchen counters as well as used some tile paint on the backsplash. Small easy things that made the house way less offensive. Continue reading “house goals”


no phone zone

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.52.01 AM

I have been without my iPhone (or any phone for that matter) since Saturday afternoon. Short story is that my phone is fried. Nearly five days without a cell phone. A little technology break. Sounds interesting right?

What made it extra interesting for me is the fact that I have been at work all week answering emails, in meetings, running around crazy (like normal). I am somewhat surprised that I am still afloat. Then to compound it all we had an offer on a house accepted Sunday (no we were not planning this, more to come later) and have spent the past four days getting our house in TIP TOP SHAPE for stagers, photographers, videographers, and the like with the first showings taking place today. We are on a very short time frame to get our house sold, please wish us a speedy sale. Continue reading “no phone zone”

Julie Blackmon’s photos

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 5.12.08 PM
photo by Julie Blackmon

Stumbled across this collection of photos by the photographer Julie Blackmon on the NYTimes website today and thought it might prompt a blog post. They serve as an ode to modern day Americana ala ‘eye spy’. Amongst the collection you can find little quirks and hidden messages in the props and styling. I personally love how the knife ends up in so many of the photographs, including my favorite of the series, above. Continue reading “Julie Blackmon’s photos”

19 months a madre

lydia lauer motherhood blog

Here I am, over a year and a half into what has arguably been the most defining part of my adulthood. The emotional growth and adjustment that I have made has been appropriately organic and slow. Just recently I have properly accepted the fact that I am a M-O-M. I sleep less, have finally determined a proper makeup routine and take care (in some shape or form) of a little human man everyday.

I know I am not alone in this surprise acceptance of motherhood and collect little quotes and anecdotes from the collection of blogs and people I follow online. I continue to This one that I found yesterday from Joanna Goddard’s website (more on that later) comes from new madre and writer Alyssa Shelasky.

“The greatest thing I learned is that I don’t have to be so tough – that a “never let ’em see ya sweat” ethos is a lost cause in this sappy love song called motherhood.” Continue reading “19 months a madre”