Throwback to 9 Weeks A Madre

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Happy ‘throwback thursday’ here today with a post that is from exactly two years ago. Looking at this picture my boy looks like a pet monkey, I can’t beleive it.

I wrote this post at ‘9 weeks a madre‘. The theme of the post is really focused on schedule and having a family routine which is a theme I have been thinking about a lot these past few weeks. We have totally gotten into a routine these days. I won’t bore you with the details but its kind of mind numbing at some points during the week. Weekends definitely are a time when we mix things up and break the routine which is really refreshing. Continue reading “Throwback to 9 Weeks A Madre”


In The Archives

Mo at his four month check up last year

The term ‘throwback Thursday’ has become so commonplace that I am opting to take it as an excuse to go back into my archives and uncover some of my earlier posts.

Today I am taking us back to almost a year ago. My post titled ‘17 weeks a madre‘. This post was all about sleep. Which is still a major subject of conversation for me and my fellow madre friends. Last I wrote about sleep, two weeks back, I was celebrating the fact that Mo had slept through the night for a whole week, BIG accomplishment. Continue reading “In The Archives”