Knowing What You Want

Knowing exactly what you want is something I am pretty good at. I spend my time making the right decision about a pair of high waisted jeans or weighing all the options when considering the perfect black boot. I can tell you right now that I have always wanted a house painted a crisp white with clean black trim, a wood paneled jeep grand wagoner and a collie. Things like that, trivial things, are the types of things that I can tell you that I know for sure.

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The 5 habits of a bad mom


While the title of this post is slightly in jest it is most of all a curation of my own bad habits in this role of ‘mom’. Things that I realize are habits we have formed and we are working on adjusting. But still a funny collection of all the things I forget to do or didn’t even think was something I needed to be doing- ok probably digging myself deeper here… Jumping right into  ‘the five habits of a bad mom’.
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motherhood anxiety

motherhood wtf making la madre

Warning: today’s post is an honest note regarding my awareness (anxiety) that I soon will be a madre.

Growing up and envisioning future me, I always imagined myself in a powersuit, with a baby on my hip and holding another ones hand as it stood beside me. I don’t know what my job was but obviously I was pretty important if I was wearing a skirt/suit jacket combo, had good hair and was in heels. There was not a man in the picture- I figure I was divorced or maybe I adopted the kids on my own. But that was us, that was my family and I was a busy and important woman with two kids along for the ride. Not surprisingly, I was raised to be a strong and independent girl who would undoubtedly become a strong and independent woman. My peers were other girls- best friends and cousins. We were a group of imaginative silly characters that played games, sang songs, were neighborhood entrepreneurs and became women together. Today we continue to celebrate and support each other across the country.

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