July 4th Traditions & fotos

parade preparedness with Sara & Asa

We were spoiled with a five day weekend and three day work week last week and I wish that happened more often during the summer. We spent the weekend with family and friends and on the Fourth enjoying our favorite July 4th tradition up in my parents neighborhood.

When I was 15 we moved up to the neighborhood and since then have participated in the parade that takes place the morning of the Fourth. Kids decorate bikes and trikes and dress up their dogs and sometimes goats too. The route is lead by Engine Number 9 from the Portland Fire Department and is completed after two laps of two blocks. There is a potluck immediately following the parade where we get to catch up with the old neighbors.  Continue reading “July 4th Traditions & fotos”


Thanksgiving words

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 4.02.07 PM.png

Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday and this year did not disappoint. It was simple and perfect making memories with best friends and of course family.

As I wrote before the past few weeks were kind of funky for me but things turned around Wednesday in the best way. I went back to one of my favorite workouts, Burncycle, after realizing that I had put it on the back burner for the past couple weeks. My favorite instructor, and friend, Jessi was teaching and she kicked me back into shape- mentally. She always puts things into perspective and I realized how reliant I am on her classes, her coaching and her mindfulness. I do not consider myself a ‘hokey’ yogi type, and her classes are not for the faint of heart. But they do kind of wake me up mentally and allow for some reflecting and personal time to work through my own thoughts and feelings. I was really missing that the past few weeks and she put me back into a really good place.

With that, I woke up Thanksgiving morning and scrolled through my instagram feed and found a post from one of my #momcrushes Latonya. She is a beautiful writer, photographer, wife, mother, being and I paused on her image and words in honor of Thanksgiving: Continue reading “Thanksgiving words”

five things: the retail therapy edition



I blame the day light savings. I blame the election. I blame our recent real estate ups and downs. I blame a little boy who is proving why they call it the ‘terrible twos’. Either way I have been feeling in a bit of a funk these days. And sometimes retail therapy does the trick so today I am curating the five things that can help improve my mood.  Continue reading “five things: the retail therapy edition”

decorating for the holidays

I know it is not yet Thanksgiving but I do have some Christmas related thoughts on my mind. I am actually quite proud of myself for thinking this far ahead. I think it has to do with the fact that Mario turns one in exactly a month, the day before Christmas Eve. The though of the typical hustle and bustle of the holidays: decorating, shopping, partying, wrapping up work  has me in a bit of HOLY SHIT mode.

Continue reading “decorating for the holidays”

first mother’s day

feded #proudmom

We had a good weekend. Spending Saturday with family for an early Mother’s Day out at my Uncle’s farm just outside of Portland. I put the Instax Mini camera that FedEx gifted me eariler in the week to good use! Pre farm I got a haircut and post farm we watched the movie Neighbors (meh). Sunday was spent with our mothers eating various meals: chorizo & eggs, a bomb kale salad, delicious bree & then late night fresh and local strawberry sundaes which were free for moms at Burgerville! Reflecting on my first mother’s day this weekend there were a few things that stuck out. 1) It is like your birthday, but better. I say this because on your birthday you can expect the usual flood of texts & messages from friends and family. But for me, on my first mother’s day I had no clue that I would be receiving so many sweet wishes from such unexpected friends. anit mommy blog 2) Also on the birthday note. Most often on your birthday you feel great. You are walking around town with a smile on your face and people notice but aren’t quite sure why. On mother’s day people out and about see you with your baby/child/children and KNOW its mother’s day so they greet you and give you a cheery ‘happy mother’s day’. Bonus when they tell you how cute your baby boy is too. 3) It always falls on a Sunday. With a birthday it falls on a different day every year and it always feels a bit unexpected like it sneaks up on you. But, mother’s day, and father’s day, fall on a Sunday each year so typically there is no work to interfere and signs, commercials and pop culture reminding you to do something. But the best thing about it falling on a Sunday is that Sunday’s typically are family days, days of relaxation or reflection. A woman in line for the bathroom at the restaurant we went to wished me a ‘happy mother’s day’ and asked how my day was going. I told her it was good. But that it was not much different from any other Sunday, as my Sunday’s are typically pretty good. Eating a casual meal out, spending times outdoors & focusing on family and friends. first mother's day 4) There is a big focus on food and flowers. Most folks participate in a brunch, lunch or dinner with mom. We celebrated all three meals with all parts of our family so we ate well. Flowers are a very traditional gift and as I get older I have truly come to adore them. A walk last weekend with a friend around our neighborhood I was inadvertently emulating a 80 year old woman stopping to truly smell and admire the roses. Side note: our climate in Portland is world renowned for its ability to nurture and grow the most beautiful roses. We are The Rose City after all. Love your mother. xx ly


making la madre blog

When I started this blog I wanted to write and share about the experiences I was beginning to go through that were inevitably things that were turning me into a mother. As I write this it is Saturday December 27th 2014 at 4:26am (breast feeding) and have been a mother now for four full days. Mario Joaquín was born just after four AM on Tuesday December 23rd automatically crowning me a madre and Mike a starry eyed new father. We are all fortunate to report that his arrival was quick and uncomplicated. He weighed in at six pounds, five ounces, twenty inches long. We came home Christmas Eve mid day from the hospital and spent a short time at home before putting ourselves together for my aunt’s annual Christmas Eve dinner party.

Once we arrived, we confidently walked into her foyer placing Mo, snuggled in his car seat, in the center of the room as we discarded our coats to the coat closet. Soon enough a quiet curious group, which quickly turned into a swarm, had begun to form around him cooing and smiling as they gazed upon him. It was truly like a contemporary portrayal of Baby Jesus in his manger with the wise men, animals and magi adoring him. And like that we introduced Mario to the 30 or so family members that we celebrated Christmas Eve with.

I suddenly had tears in my eyes and rolling down my cheeks as I was congratulated by hugs, kisses and well wishes from aunts, uncles and cousins. It was a bit of a culture shock spending 36 hours under house arrest in our hospital room. I was unprepared for the jolt of emotion I felt and the outpouring of enthusiasm that everyone had to welcome us as a family of three.

Mo napped for the whole dinner and into the evening allowing us to spend time with family, enjoy the meal and to adjust and reflect on our first day in the real world with him.

More details and thoughts on my first days of motherhood coming up in the next week or so. And tomorrow some photos of my he baby room!

Thanks for reading! xx Ly

2014 wish list

I have compiled a list of holiday wishes to help my plus one and to also share some of my favorite items I have seen lately that I am lusting after and pinning on pinterest. What are your holiday wishes? Aside from the material I also want a happy and healthy new year for my friends and family, a smooth and successful delivery of our child and lots more new adventure and experiences in 2015!

2014 holiday wish list

Shop my list! And let me know if you need my home address so you can send me something! Continue reading “2014 wish list”

Tree time & brain dump

portland christmas tree

This weekend we went up the street and purchased a tree. We didn’t do the fancy cut your own tree excursion but we did pick out a great one from the local lot. I wanted a tree that was tall and skinny and we found just the right one. I am enjoying the lights and decorations in our house it is fun to have some extra cozy decor in the house.

In other news I am at 37 weeks. In my head I have had the date of December 21st as when this baby will come. That is technically two weeks early. But when we first found out we were pregnant and ignorantly did our pregnancy math we thought December 21st would be when the kid would arrive. So that date has been in my head. Everyone is telling me that I only look 7 months pregnant so that has me nervous that this kid will be late. I know old wives tales say that first kids are always late. But for some reason I want this thing to come earlier. I am not ready to take care of it 24/7 but the anticipation of meeting it, seeing what it looks like and dressing it in cute clothes has me excited.

Lets talk pros and cons of December and January birthdays. Most friends are telling me that having the baby in January will be better in the long run. Let the kids birthday have some breathing room outside of the holidays. December obviously has some tax benefits if it comes out in 2014. For some reason a December birthday is more appealing to me- I know whatever day it arrives will be wonderful, good and important for the rest of our lives. But if I could pick. I would choose December 21st- haha. My plus one already said we will celebrate the kids half birthday in June if it arrives too close to Christmas. I think a New Years Eve arrival/ bday would be pretty rad though.

Lastly in pop culture news. Kourtney K welcomed a boy yesterday. The baby was born on his older brother’s birthday which is pretty crazy. Wonder if Kourtney was happy with that. Curious to learn what Kourtney and The Lord named their new prince.

Any guesses or thoughts on when my little one will arrive?
xx Ly

holiday decor

anthro christmas stockings

With Christmas 16 days away we are just beginning to decorate our house. It is our first year living in our house in time to decorate for Christmas so there is a lot to figure out and determine when it comes to decor. Our household is on the minimal side when it comes to decorating for the holidays, we try our best to keep it classy. This weekend we will get a tree, hopefully put up a wreath on the front door, change out the white cafe lights on the front porch to colored lights and I have already put up a sweet little DIY garland from Target that reads Merry Christmas above the fireplace so things are beginning to look festive. The one thing missing from our decorations is stockings. We both have a pair of stockings at my parents and at my in laws but those stay there for our visits on Christmas morning and Christmas day.

With the little one coming soon I feel an extra desire to figure out what stockings we use for ourselves and eventualy use for years to come as a family. I have checked multiple sites: target, anthro, etsy etc. But nothing has jumped out as a must buy. I might just wait til after the holidays when they are hopefully on sale, or maybe I DIY something. I saw a cute tutorial that takes an old sweater and turns it into a stocking. I really like some vintage ones I found on ebay too. The one pictured above (from Anthro) I really like but the $54 price tag is a bit steep.

Would love to know what stockings you use and where you have found great ones!


xx Ly

Happy Hannas

Over the holiday weekend I stopped by our local Hanna Andersson to make a few exchanges. While I was in the shop I noticed they were having a great sale on pretty much all of their pajamas. Hanna and devotees of the brand refer to her pajamas as ‘sleepers’. The sleeper sale included infant, toddler and big kid sizes. Regularly $38 the sleepers were discounted to $24 with an extra 15% off.

hanna andersson sleepers pajamas elf on a shelf

The sleepers are 100% organic cotton and their guaranteed quality means that after tons of washes they still keep their bright colors and keep their softness- so perfect for hand me downs. A special tip from my family- we buy them a few sizes up because they cuff very easily. Any typically at the price of $38 you want to be sure to get a couple years (and kids) wear out of them. I tend to stick to the classic striped styles, which I grew up wearing as a kid. I love the bright colors and timeless look of them. The photo above is of my niece last year doing her best ‘elf on a shelf’ in her Hanna pjs!

The sale is still going on today so check it out. They make not only the perfect holiday gift for the little people in your life but the bonus is they are extremely cute and will provide plenty of photo ops during holiday mornings and evenings.

I have included a few of my favorite styles below.  Continue reading “Happy Hannas”