five things: jeffrey campbell edition

I visited the Nordstrom site over the weekend with the intention of snagging a few #nsale items but to be honest I am a little underwhelmed. Instead I found myself scouting shoes and landed on the Jeffrey Campbell collection. I love his shoes. Unfortunately most of the ones I like are not available in my size- WTF.

So what do you do when you can’t buy the shoes you want? You share them with the internet.

jeffrey campbell shoe love.png

1) butterfly mule  2) fling sandal  3) espadrille  4) jelly slide  5) platform

Please someone buy these and and live out my shoe dreams.

xx Ly


Guest post: Skin by Ori

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Ori at work

Happy Friday! As you can come to expect I take pride in featuring some rad moms who are doing rad things. Here today with a guest post by my friend Oriana. Just last weekend I finally took Ori up on her offer and swung by Luminary Salon in SE and had my first try at sugaring. I think I am hooked. I was amazed with the practice and of course the results.

I was introduced to Ori a few years back by our mutual friend Emma and over the past few years our paths have crossed around town. Most often at delicious local eateries. In fact it was at the lovely pizza shop Dove Vivi this past summer when Ori told me she had taken up a new practice and was jumping into the world of beauty treatments. After our session last weekend I asked Ori if she could pull together a post to introduce you all to her work and what she loves about her job. So here it is. For those of you in Portland I highly encourage you to visit Luminary and book a session with Ori, she is offering some great beginner discounts like 20% off your first service. Go ahead, you deserve it. Continue reading “Guest post: Skin by Ori”

5 things for the backyard

jamison square portland oregon
Momo & cousin Annabella enjoying the park cause our backyard ain’t up to snuff.

Sometimes, when you are an adult you buy a house. And most of the time you go back and forth with your partner on whether or not you should remodel said house. Ever since moving into our house in December of 2013 I have been dreaming about how and when we properly update few key areas of the house. Don’t get me wrong, before we moved in we did very minimal updates to the kitchen. I had seen a tutorial on how to get concrete countertops by basically layering on thin layers of concrete onto your existing countertops. I did this along painting the existing backsplash with tile paint so that we could have a cleaner look in our navy and maroon kitchen. But that was almost three years ago.

At the top of my list these days are the kitchen and backyard. Additional desires include the unfinished basement, our bedroom, upstairs sunporch and maybe even the unfinished, yet inaccessible, attic. Continue reading “5 things for the backyard”

five things @ 16 months a madre

The past month has been super duper busy so here are the five things to know about this madre 16 months in.

1) We had our first ‘parents weekend’ away from Mo at the end of April. Five nights in Palm Springs with two other couples for a relaxing long weekend, might be worth a ‘5 things about PS’ post in the future. It was lovely and I look forward to going back- maybe even with Mo!

IMG_0135 Continue reading “five things @ 16 months a madre”

five things for la madre

These round ups of ‘five things’ were such a great invention of mine that I am disappointed I forgot all about them, but not to fret. We are back, today I will be highlighting the five things that have me ooohing & aaaaahing lately. This time around the theme is ‘beauty based’.

Full disclosure: I am not a beauty person whatsoever. I enjoy looking put together but rarely do. This is not a ’cause I am a mom’ thing. It is just a part of my life that I have accepted. I wear minimal makeup both by choice and yes, by default (I am clueless when it comes to application & products). So the list below encompasses things that take little effort on my part. The biggest sacrifice being the amount of time I put in #3 but that guy lasts a good time so the time spent is worth it. Continue reading “five things for la madre”

five things I didn’t need for baby

I was asked a couple months back by a friend, due in December, who lives in an apartment in NYC to share the things that after Mo arrived I soon realized that I didn’t really need. Continue reading “five things I didn’t need for baby”

Brooklyn Approved Summer Shoes

Today we have a guest post from my bff in Brooklyn. Having a best friend on the other side of the country is a lot easier with things like email, texting, facetime and gchat. More often than not I can expect a link to some new footwear that has either arrived via fedex in Brooklyn or Emi has had open in a browser window for a few days. Today Emi is sharing her real life reviews of said shoes. These are items that I have only seen thanks to technology and that Emi has given the real life test to. Whether it is on a commute or laps around Brooklyn. Hope you find some new favorite footwear and it would be just too cute if you too shared the link with your bff/personal fashion adviser.

emily s chapman shoes
Emi in the shoes that sparked this post

Shoes are a big deal in New York.  And I’m not talking Carrie Bradshaw Louboutin-coveting, fainting at the sight of a shoecloset kind of big deal.  I’m talking the decision you make in the morning that could haunt the rest of your day and make you leave your friends early kind of big deal.

Shoes are my transportation.  On a day where I’m just going to work and back with a pop out to grab lunch I clock no less than 3 miles.  And that’s not usually all I’m doing, especially this time of year, so those shoes better work for me.

Here’s where Carrie Bradshaw and I align- I too make investments in shoes.  While I will fret for 15 minutes over whether or not I need a $5 latte, I don’t hesitate to spend $$$ on a pair of shoes.  Because if chosen right that pair will last me 2-3 years and take me miles and miles and miles.

Here are five pairs I’ve found to be Brooklyn approved for summer:

summer shoes
summer shoes making la madre blog
  1. No. 6 Clogs– I have several pairs of No. 6 clogs- 3 pairs for summer, and the boots for winter.  We had an office-wide LOL last week when the UPS guy came and subsequently 3 of us were trying on our new wood-soled sandals!  One note- these babies only take me about 3 miles comfortably.
  2. Cole Haan Sandals– Each summer CH comes out with a new version of this sandal.  I’m on my third pair.  They are really well made, take no time to break in and can take me 5 miles no problem.
  3. Superga– I bought these last year and have enjoyed them for dressed down days in the office and on several vacations.  They aren’t quite as cushy as Nikes, but I do like their simplicity.
  4. Espadrilles– I got the cutest pair of lace up wild-patterned, pointy toe espadrilles on my honeymoon in Spain last year, and they are such a fun way to punch up an outfit.  Bonus points for being comfy. Similar spendier pair linked here, but they are a dime a dozen these days.
  5. Emerson Frye Slappers– Full Disclosure: I ordered these and they got WOWs from my colleagues, but they were just too small so I had to return them.  But if you aren’t a giant like me, DO it!  They are so cute and would be comfy in the right size.
thx Emi!
xx Ly

more from Sari

Back today with another post from Sari. This time she is sharing her five must haves for life post baby focusing on beauty and style for la madre. Hope you enjoy!

Isabel Marant Jumpsuit
Isabel Marant Jumpsuit

1. Beauty routine: I keep my routine SUPER simple these days with 3 products – 1) Glossier soothing face mist 2) Glossier priming moisturizer and 3) Burt’s Bees lip pencils

2. Eberjey sweatpants: Before kids, I thought fancy sweatpants were a sign of giving up. Now I understand that they’re made for new-mom warriors. Buy yourself a pair to wear around the house because if you’re going to bum around, do so chicly. You’ll inevitably spend a considerable amount of time indoors the first 4-6 weeks and these are the perfect sweats to receive visitors while also being comfortable.

3. Off the shoulder tops: I find off the shoulder tops are flattering, comfortable, and convenient for nursing mothers. I got this Alexis off the shoulder top and this white Reformation off the shoulder dress after giving birth and have gotten good use out of them.

left: Alexis top, right: reformation dress
left: Alexis top, right: reformation dress

4. Isabel Marant jumpsuit: I love this jumpsuit; sexy yet not revealing for when you don’t feel like showing off your body. Photos at top of post.

5. High-waisted swimsuit: We’re going to Virgin Gorda with my husband’s family soon and I needed a bathing suit that covers the dark line below my belly button that hasn’t faded yet. I found this high waisted one which I’m obsessed with.

Thanks again Sari. Completely agree on the sweatpants & jumpsuit front, this is the one I got and was featured in this post. The swimsuit is so hot. Looking forward to your grams from your trip.

xx Ly

five things for mother’s day

Another guest post today, from my new madre friend Mele. We met, and truly only know each other through instagram. Our boys are very close in age so its been fun to share in the developments, milestones & motherhood moments thus far. I love her style and asked her to participate in my ‘five things for mother’s day’ series, and she obliged! Take it away Mele…

mele schneider

Hey guys! My name is Mele, I’m a brand new mama celebrating my first Mother’s Day! I live in Los Angeles with my hubby David, My son Caleb who is 14weeks and two pups Iggy & Casper. I’m a former model and currently a stay at home mom with dreams of becoming the next Martha Stewart! I run a little catering/party planning business out of my home called “The Untamed Housewife” which is mostly just for fun but there’s nothing I love more than seeing people enjoy my food and putting together events!

I still can’t believe I get to celebrate Mother’s Day this year! I dreamed of being a mother my whole life and the fact that now I am still amazes me. My little family is everything to me, I love waking up to them everyday and going on adventures with little Caleb!

Enough about me though, I am really here to share the top five items on my Mother’s Day wishlist with Making La Madre!

mother's day wishlist

1. The Julien backpack from Leader Bag Co. This backpack is everything a mom could want without looking like a diaper bag! It’s got tons of pockets, changing pad and even comes with a super cute clutch for when you just need to throw a couple things in and not carry the whole thing.

2. Weaving from artist Farron Feiner Farron makes these amazing wall hangings in gorgeous colors and patterns, each one is hand made and one of a kind. She’s currently working on a custom piece for me 🙂

3. Pure relaxation massage from Burke Williams This place is my go to when I need to just relax and have a little “me” time! I love the pure relaxation massage, and when you purchase a massage you get access to their spa facilities for the day!

4. Kimono from Spell & the Gypsy I am obsessed with everything from Australian line Spell but I especially love their kimonos. They’re perfect to throw on over a basic outfit to spice it up and they make great nursing covers!

5. Luke sandals by Charlotte Stone Every mama needs an arsenal of comfy shoes and I am in love with these sandals! The cork sole is super soft and cushy but the leather keeps them looking chic.

five things for mother’s day

Mother’s Day is this weekend and for a lot of followers here and friends of mine it will be our first. I have asked a couple friends to share five things on their mother’s day wish list and today we have our first one.

kelsie morrow merchandiser blog post

Meet Kelsie, a merchandising manager here in Portland. We met quite a few years back at one of our favorite shops, Lizard Lounge’s First Thursday events and I have enjoyed keeping up with her. Eight months ago she welcomed her first child, daughter Elanore Blue, and has been doing the stylish motherhood thing very well. Here are the five things she would love to receive come Sunday.

kelsie morrow portland oregon

1) Mazama Coffee mug/Large I have a large collection (like stacks of shoe-boxes) full of vintage coffee mugs, but I don’t have these!  Made here in Portland and every color is amazing.  I picked white, but honestly I would be happy with every single color they carry.  Not cheap for a coffee mug, but I would be willing to collect these over time as well.

2) Slides Huge throwback to my high school self!  What I love about slides now though is that when I’m carrying Elanore I can easily slip these on.

3) Tomboy Style: Beyond the boundaries of Fashion by Lizzie Garret Mettler I have been wanting to buy this book for a while by one of my favorite bloggers.

4) Capsule Parfums I don’t wear a lot of perfume and usually stick to very clean simple scents, but I was at Lizard Lounge and someone had just sprayed one of these and it was amazing.  Each one tested great and weren’t too strong for me.

5) M-82 for Madewell by George McCracken I’ve been searching for the best jumpsuit for a while now and believe I have arrived.

Thank you for sharing your picks Kelsie & we have to try for a First Thursday this year and bring the babes!!!

xx Ly