five things: jeffrey campbell edition

I visited the Nordstrom site over the weekend with the intention of snagging a few #nsale items but to be honest I am a little underwhelmed. Instead I found myself scouting shoes and landed on the Jeffrey Campbell collection. I love his shoes. Unfortunately most of the ones I like are not available in my size- WTF.

So what do you do when you can’t buy the shoes you want? You share them with the internet.

jeffrey campbell shoe love.png

1) butterfly mule  2) fling sandal  3) espadrille  4) jelly slide  5) platform

Please someone buy these and and live out my shoe dreams.

xx Ly


January at age 31

It is January of my 31st year and it is only the 11th day. But somehow I have already had four baby showers happen in the past 11 days of this year. I only was able to make it to two. Even only attending two showers over the course of the 11 days of January it is obvious that a shift has happened in my life. I have not received a single save the date or wedding invite in the past six months but four invitations for baby showers. WOW. Times they sure are a changing, huh?

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 10.27.35 PM

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Post Partum Fashion

I am not sure if this can truly be called ‘fashion’ but ‘post partum fashion’ has a nice ring to it. Today I wanted to share a few items that I have been enjoying wearing my first week of motherhood. In Liz’s guest post she mentioned that it would help me feel more myself if I got ready everyday. Fortunately Mo has been taking a morning feeding which allows me to have 2-3 hours between 8-11am to myself. During this time I take a shower, get dressed for the day, straighten up our room , the nursery and eat something. We are not always leaving the house but it definitely makes me feel prepared for our day. During this time Mike is downstairs working in his office (he works from home) and Mo is nearby snoozing.

Last Monday the day before I gave birth I was doing some Christmas shopping and stopped into Nordstrom to get a few pieces that would take me through the last two weeks of this pregnancy but also work well for nursing. As I was shopping I was having contractions, unbeknownst to me, with this being my first pregnancy I just assumed the baby was moving a lot. The contractions were about an hour apart so like I said, I didn’t think it was anything just a little discomfort. I love the fact that I was in early labor and shopping at Nordys!


post partum fashion

But back to the clothes! These are the items I have had on rotation my first days and week after coming home with baby.

1) A soft cozy button up: I have a few that I have been wearing since coming home from the hospital. When looking for a button up I always want to make sure it is baggy and covers my butt. I find them more flattering that way. I already had some favorites: one from Zara and a chambray from The Gap. But this one I purchased last Monday, in labor, is the Wayf long sleeve plaid blouse. I had been looking for another plaid/flannel shirt to add to my wardrobe and this one was such a nice feminine take on flannel that I had to take it.

2) A long cardigan: I purchased this one on that same Monday on super sale at The Gap (when is there not a super sale at The Gap). I didn’t shop at The Gap much prior to my pregnancy but since they have such easy basics and ALWAYS have promotions & discounts I got a good amount of stuff from there during my pregnancy- the price was right and I just tended to buy the silhouettes that worked with the baby bump. This sweater is from their Gap Body line- the Softest Open Front Cardigan and is technically pajamas or lounge wear I guess. It was discounted by 40% when I purchased it. I bought it in the hope of using it as a cover up for pjs and also as something to keep me cozy at the hospital- I stuck to my plan and wore my own clothes instead of the hospital gowns. I felt much better that way. I did wear this cardigan in the hospital after Mo was born to keep myself warm and to cover myself up. It is made of nylon, cotton and wool so its just as soft and premium feeling as any other cardigan, but the fact that I got it at such a great price and that it is not a ‘real cardigan’ I don’t feel as guilty sleeping in it, laying on the couch snuggling my baby under some blankets or dripping breast milk on it.

3) Unitard: I know this one is kinda out there, hear me out. For my halloween costume I purchased a black unitard from American Apparel. I love the fact that it is a one piece- cause how simple is that!?! Until you have to go to the bathroom! I actually wore the unitard the other day to brunch with Mike & Mo. I layered my Zara button up over it and threw on some high tops. I was very happy with the result. The unitard under any shirt or dress allows for nursing easily as you just lift your shirt/dress what have you and pull down the top of the unitard under your boob, unclick your bra and begin nursing. What I like best is that I am pretty much keeping my entire body covered and warm while just exposing my breast.

4) Dresses: I purchased two dresses recently from Nordstrom- one back in November and the other during my Monday trip just hours before Mario was born. The brand is Glamorous and Nordstrom’s site describes the style as: A graceful bateau neckline and full-length sleeves style a swingy shift dress inspired by vintage fashion. They actually remind me of baby doll dresses or dresses I wore when I was a little girl. They are extremely comfortable and easy to wear. I have paired them with tights, leggings, boots and flats. Most recently I wore the blue dress on Christmas Eve and the black and white one on New Years Eve. The black and white dress got some action while I was pregnant and definitely has the room to cover a bump. I highly suggest these dresses for pregnant, post partum & nursing madres. They are so easy to wear, you don’t have to think about a full outfit (bonus) and very convenient for nursing. Especially with the tights/legging/tank combo I wear that acts as a full body suit so as to not expose all my flesh when nursing.

What about pants you might ask… The pants I have had on rotation this week are still my maternity pants for the most part, with some leggings and elastic waist pants working too. The maternity pants are definitely more baggy and loose, but that is a welcome feature for now. I did re introduce The Gap pair of maternity jeans I complained about in this post a few months back. They are the perfect fit now and I love the cut and wash.

That is what I have got so far! Hope you find it helpful. Please share any post partum faves of your own in the comments or on instagram.

xx Ly

winter weather round up

With this kid is due at the new year I have begun to stock up on cozy house clothes. Items that will keep me warm, cute and clothed between napping, nursing and welcoming visitors the first few weeks. I am trying to prepare myself so I am not a complete slob those first weeks/months and so that I have things I look forward to wearing. I have begun to find a few pieces to upgrade my sleep clothes/ lounge clothes that will make things a little easier and likely up my mood and esteem when I will otherwise and likely be a complete wreck.

Back in October I kickstarted my cozy wardrobe. At Anthropologie I picked up a pair of satin lounge pants (pajamas) with some really great details that elevate these pants from sleepwear to acceptable house clothes. Details such as: an elastic waistband (a must for the ‘4th trimester’), a pretty paisley (very Anthro) pattern, lace trim along the hem and pockets, and a tapered fit that grazes right above the ankle for a very flattering style. Unfortunately these are no longer on their site, they must have been carry over from Summer. But the round up below includes some similar pairs that I am thinking about. I have also added a few other items that will be musts as I am at home in the cold winter months taking care of this little person.

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Recently in Rotation

pintuck panel leggings nordstrom

These leggings from Nordstrom have been a constant in my wardrobe since I picked them up at the Anniversary Sale in July. I bought them a size up so their elastic waist would appropriately accommodate my growing mid section and they have worked out wonderfully! I get many compliments on the leggings and everyone mistakes them for jeans. I often style them with an oversize t shirt to cover my a$$ along with layering on cardigans or jackets. They do double duty with either my favorite boots for the season or even a pair of Nikes. I am about to go ahead and purchase the ‘green baluga’ color as these pants are so versatile. I know another pair will be welcomed into my outfit rotation once the little one arrives and I am looking for something comfy to wear around the house or to wear out on our errands in the city that has a little style or edge.

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Hello and welcome to (almost) Autumn! The temperature in LA, where I am for work this week, has dropped enough for me to layer on this TOPSHOP Maternity jacket that I bought a few months back. I wanted to share this jacket even though yes it is maternity but love that it is not at all obviously maternity. Its just a bit oversize and I can already tell will provide LOTS of room come the end of this pregnancy.

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summer style at 13 weeks


Sad to say that summer is coming to a close, but have to share the look that got me through summer this year. Seen above is the outfit I wore for the annual 4th of July festivities in my parents neighborhood. July 4th was also the day that we chose to announce our news to the family- the American Apparel onesie was our vehicle of choice.

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