2016 year in review


2017. I caught myself writing that down with an old fashioned pen and paper today and I had a flashback to middle school. When you would have to adjust to writing the new year and it would take a month or so til you got it right. But wow, here we are, another year. Filled with quite a few blog posts. Posts about motherhood (duh), friendships, housing drama & ‘me time’.

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Guest post: Skin by Ori

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Ori at work

Happy Friday! As you can come to expect I take pride in featuring some rad moms who are doing rad things. Here today with a guest post by my friend Oriana. Just last weekend I finally took Ori up on her offer and swung by Luminary Salon in SE and had my first try at sugaring. I think I am hooked. I was amazed with the practice and of course the results.

I was introduced to Ori a few years back by our mutual friend Emma and over the past few years our paths have crossed around town. Most often at delicious local eateries. In fact it was at the lovely pizza shop Dove Vivi this past summer when Ori told me she had taken up a new practice and was jumping into the world of beauty treatments. After our session last weekend I asked Ori if she could pull together a post to introduce you all to her work and what she loves about her job. So here it is. For those of you in Portland I highly encourage you to visit Luminary and book a session with Ori, she is offering some great beginner discounts like 20% off your first service. Go ahead, you deserve it. Continue reading “Guest post: Skin by Ori”

Working madre update

Today’s post is all about the ‘work work work work work’. As a working madre I like taking the time every so often to share some of the work I get to participate in at the office. When we are not too busy twinning (see below) our team gets to inspire women around the world through sport and fitness. As you can likely tell by the smiles on our faces below, its a job we love!

working mom blog
twinning & on trend with some of my work wives 

About this time last summer I shared some work that had just launched by my team. Today I am back, in a new role, with more fun work to share. My current team focuses on storytelling and activation across the vast digital landscape. We look after .com, social media, email and influence all digital touch-points for our consumer. Continue reading “Working madre update”

a new schedule

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Guess what I did last night… One guess. I never would have guessed it myself. But I sautéed some butternut squash, sliced up some cheese and cooked an egg for Mario’s lunch. He started at the smallest of the three daycare/play schools out at my work today.

So much more work on my end was required to get him geared up for the day. Getting him in clean and appropriate clothes, make a lunch, pack diapers, a bottle, a ‘security blanket’ and a family photo.

We opted to get him into the little daycare out on campus one day a week, to give my mom a day off and for selfish reasons on my part. I wanted the chance to spend more time with him during the week, so by dropping him off at 8/8:30 at the daycare on campus I get to spend a little more time with him in the morning (in the car) and then have to pick him up promptly by 5pm so that means that I see him way sooner than normal days. I had imagined it would get me out of the office a bit earlier Continue reading “a new schedule”

weekends are for momo

At 10 months into being a family of three, I can’t help but feel like I didn’t really know the value of a weekend prior to having a baby. I realize how ridiculous this is to say, but hear me out. Weekends pre baby were fun. Sleeping in & going out, doing things that I could not fit into the workweek. They were good, but never really felt like a real escape from the week. Partially due to who I would spend my weekends with, a lot of friends from work, but also because I would do a fair amount of work or be traveling for work on weekends.

Nowadays we still sleep in and we still go out. But, as you can imagine, we do most of it with Mario. We get dedicated time as a family unit, which Continue reading “weekends are for momo”

goodbye nursing

I stopped nursing and pumping in September and realized that I didn’t even blog about it, does that count as a sin?!?

Lets be honest though, I have not been blogging about much lately. My recent trip to Mexico provided me with some time to use the computer while Mario was napping so I am getting to update the blog and program a few posts for the next couple weeks! Continue reading “goodbye nursing”

working madre update

I wrote a few weeks back that I was transitioning into a new job at work. I have joined our global digital function working as part of the leadership group that oversees Nike Women. Moving from our traditional advertising group to the digital side is a really good fit for me. My affinity for social media, blogs, apps and all things .com has me feeling right at home. It is a truly exciting time to work with this group and something I had been aiming at for quite a while.

This new job is a promotion so both professionally and personally I am thrilled. The work is demanding and the days are long but I truly enjoy all that I am doing and especially the people I am working with. In my ‘perfect world’ I would have landed this promotion before I even got pregnant. Things rarely go to plan, right? Continue reading “working madre update”