The Truth about Stay at Home Moms

image via Nichole Kobi

Ever since going back to work, after five months of maternity leave, I have been curious about the lives of parents who stay at home with their kids. Do they love it, or do they secretly hate it?

I imagine its a bit of both. I like to think that I get a glimpse into this on weekends. When there are stretches during a Saturday or Sunday when we have a really good rhythm. Leaving me feeling capable and happy with my wily boy. On the other hand there are nap protests & horrible table manners (thank you iPad & friends who don’t mind a two foot tall companion) at a restaurant or in the country wine tasting or doing all the things that 30-something grown ups want to do.

Long story short, Monday morning comes and we go our separate ways and we are all the better for it (thank you mom!) So when my friend Liz made the decision to stay at home with her kids earlier this year I was really interested in her perspective. Continue reading “The Truth about Stay at Home Moms”



shameless selfie cause I was feeling myself

Last night my 20 year old sister, a college student, texted me to ask if she could get my thoughts on ‘body image’ for her Gender & Women’s Studies class. It was 10:30pm and I had to wake up early for a spin class so I was not in the mood. I liked the idea and loved the topic so after some tossing and turning and continued time this morning on the subject I put together a mini essay or sorts of the subject. She had only asked for a couple thoughts but I could not help but brain dump. Continue reading “#bodypositive”