Mom before me

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Chapa Family Hammond, IN 1982

Just last week my dad sent me a link to a bunch of family photos that he had scanned. One photo in particular stuck out to me. It was my grandmother holding my cousin Robyn, probably 35 years ago. The early 1980’s and all the women are in heels. My Tia Isabel is wearing what looks like a chambray romper (want!) and my mom is looking very lady like in black and white asymmetrical designed dress with white heeled sandals. I would love to find both of these looks look in my own closet, I wish I could see their purses and accessories closer. My Welita is in a stylish blouse and pants and looks glamorous with sunglasses and her hair down.  Continue reading “Mom before me”


Anti Father’s Day?

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Happy dad’s day dude, this is it.

I had an epiphany this week while racking my brain about a gift for Mike for Father’s Day. Then I thought, “what did I get for Mother’s day?” Asking that question put it all into perspective for me. Why did it matter what I ‘got’? Continue reading “Anti Father’s Day?”

Strong women…

At the beginning of the month I was asked by Social Print Studio to share a photograph in honor of Mother’s Day and tell the story behind the photograph. With the month nearly over I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity. Plus, when you have a mom that takes as much care of you at 32 years old as she did at 32 hours old Mother’s Day is everyday.

I chose this photograph of my madre that was taken on September 13th 1980, her wedding day. 

IMG_1758 Continue reading “Strong women…”

first mother’s day

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We had a good weekend. Spending Saturday with family for an early Mother’s Day out at my Uncle’s farm just outside of Portland. I put the Instax Mini camera that FedEx gifted me eariler in the week to good use! Pre farm I got a haircut and post farm we watched the movie Neighbors (meh). Sunday was spent with our mothers eating various meals: chorizo & eggs, a bomb kale salad, delicious bree & then late night fresh and local strawberry sundaes which were free for moms at Burgerville! Reflecting on my first mother’s day this weekend there were a few things that stuck out. 1) It is like your birthday, but better. I say this because on your birthday you can expect the usual flood of texts & messages from friends and family. But for me, on my first mother’s day I had no clue that I would be receiving so many sweet wishes from such unexpected friends. anit mommy blog 2) Also on the birthday note. Most often on your birthday you feel great. You are walking around town with a smile on your face and people notice but aren’t quite sure why. On mother’s day people out and about see you with your baby/child/children and KNOW its mother’s day so they greet you and give you a cheery ‘happy mother’s day’. Bonus when they tell you how cute your baby boy is too. 3) It always falls on a Sunday. With a birthday it falls on a different day every year and it always feels a bit unexpected like it sneaks up on you. But, mother’s day, and father’s day, fall on a Sunday each year so typically there is no work to interfere and signs, commercials and pop culture reminding you to do something. But the best thing about it falling on a Sunday is that Sunday’s typically are family days, days of relaxation or reflection. A woman in line for the bathroom at the restaurant we went to wished me a ‘happy mother’s day’ and asked how my day was going. I told her it was good. But that it was not much different from any other Sunday, as my Sunday’s are typically pretty good. Eating a casual meal out, spending times outdoors & focusing on family and friends. first mother's day 4) There is a big focus on food and flowers. Most folks participate in a brunch, lunch or dinner with mom. We celebrated all three meals with all parts of our family so we ate well. Flowers are a very traditional gift and as I get older I have truly come to adore them. A walk last weekend with a friend around our neighborhood I was inadvertently emulating a 80 year old woman stopping to truly smell and admire the roses. Side note: our climate in Portland is world renowned for its ability to nurture and grow the most beautiful roses. We are The Rose City after all. Love your mother. xx ly

five things for mother’s day

Another guest post today, from my new madre friend Mele. We met, and truly only know each other through instagram. Our boys are very close in age so its been fun to share in the developments, milestones & motherhood moments thus far. I love her style and asked her to participate in my ‘five things for mother’s day’ series, and she obliged! Take it away Mele…

mele schneider

Hey guys! My name is Mele, I’m a brand new mama celebrating my first Mother’s Day! I live in Los Angeles with my hubby David, My son Caleb who is 14weeks and two pups Iggy & Casper. I’m a former model and currently a stay at home mom with dreams of becoming the next Martha Stewart! I run a little catering/party planning business out of my home called “The Untamed Housewife” which is mostly just for fun but there’s nothing I love more than seeing people enjoy my food and putting together events!

I still can’t believe I get to celebrate Mother’s Day this year! I dreamed of being a mother my whole life and the fact that now I am still amazes me. My little family is everything to me, I love waking up to them everyday and going on adventures with little Caleb!

Enough about me though, I am really here to share the top five items on my Mother’s Day wishlist with Making La Madre!

mother's day wishlist

1. The Julien backpack from Leader Bag Co. This backpack is everything a mom could want without looking like a diaper bag! It’s got tons of pockets, changing pad and even comes with a super cute clutch for when you just need to throw a couple things in and not carry the whole thing.

2. Weaving from artist Farron Feiner Farron makes these amazing wall hangings in gorgeous colors and patterns, each one is hand made and one of a kind. She’s currently working on a custom piece for me 🙂

3. Pure relaxation massage from Burke Williams This place is my go to when I need to just relax and have a little “me” time! I love the pure relaxation massage, and when you purchase a massage you get access to their spa facilities for the day!

4. Kimono from Spell & the Gypsy I am obsessed with everything from Australian line Spell but I especially love their kimonos. They’re perfect to throw on over a basic outfit to spice it up and they make great nursing covers!

5. Luke sandals by Charlotte Stone Every mama needs an arsenal of comfy shoes and I am in love with these sandals! The cork sole is super soft and cushy but the leather keeps them looking chic.

five things for mother’s day

Mother’s Day is this weekend and for a lot of followers here and friends of mine it will be our first. I have asked a couple friends to share five things on their mother’s day wish list and today we have our first one.

kelsie morrow merchandiser blog post

Meet Kelsie, a merchandising manager here in Portland. We met quite a few years back at one of our favorite shops, Lizard Lounge’s First Thursday events and I have enjoyed keeping up with her. Eight months ago she welcomed her first child, daughter Elanore Blue, and has been doing the stylish motherhood thing very well. Here are the five things she would love to receive come Sunday.

kelsie morrow portland oregon

1) Mazama Coffee mug/Large I have a large collection (like stacks of shoe-boxes) full of vintage coffee mugs, but I don’t have these!  Made here in Portland and every color is amazing.  I picked white, but honestly I would be happy with every single color they carry.  Not cheap for a coffee mug, but I would be willing to collect these over time as well.

2) Slides Huge throwback to my high school self!  What I love about slides now though is that when I’m carrying Elanore I can easily slip these on.

3) Tomboy Style: Beyond the boundaries of Fashion by Lizzie Garret Mettler I have been wanting to buy this book for a while by one of my favorite bloggers.

4) Capsule Parfums I don’t wear a lot of perfume and usually stick to very clean simple scents, but I was at Lizard Lounge and someone had just sprayed one of these and it was amazing.  Each one tested great and weren’t too strong for me.

5) M-82 for Madewell by George McCracken I’ve been searching for the best jumpsuit for a while now and believe I have arrived.

Thank you for sharing your picks Kelsie & we have to try for a First Thursday this year and bring the babes!!!

xx Ly