life shit

So far this month I have turned 33, spent the majority of the month on a legit vacation in Mexico and said goodbye to my maternal grandmother. It has been a blur. It has been beautiful. It has been sad.

Lydia Muñoz Chapa 1923-2017

On April 2nd we picked up and flew to Mexico for a last minute spring break trip that lasted a glorious 10 days. I celebrated my birthday reading Big Little Lies poolside under palm trees with the sun kissing my bikini clad body. We got home last Tuesday night and I woke up to the news of my Abuela passing during the night. Continue reading “life shit”


life this past week

I was in Mexico City all of last week for a team building session that brought the majority of the folks across the globe that work on our women’s business together. I began writing this on the flight home as I was filled with such pride and joy. One reason being because we got to spend time in one of my favorite cities, as a lady with Mexican roots it was really special to experience the city with a group of my peers, many who had not visited before, and watch as they all fell in love with the city & culture.

Most of all though I was surrounded by great people. All of whom either presented in our meeting space, or shared in conversation during meals and cultural experiences, inspiring presentations and thoughtful insights. All reminding me of the impact and opportunity we have as a brand and in our jobs. I know how fortunate I am to be working for the company I work for and that I count my coworkers as some of my best friends. My whole career has existed here. Fresh out of school, after a little jaunt living/working in Mexico, I started and since day one have known how fortunate I am to work here.

I was surrounded by the women, and a few good men, that I work closely with. People with such passion and ambition, optimism and excitement that is contagious. My pride in being a working mother was also highlighted. I love the duality I have as a working madre. Not that I am two different people or bipolar. But that I get to have more than one fulfilling thing in my life. I love my family, my friends, and I love my work. I love the lifestyle that I have chosen and the one that, to be honest, has been afforded to me by my work. I truly cannot imagine being happier, that is a lot to say (and swallow) and I pray not an invitation to immediate depression. But I felt such a sense of self, appreciation, power and authority for my life last week.

Enough of the gushing, I am on a major high right now and had to share.

xx Ly