Toilet Time

This past week we hit a major milestone at Casa Mike y Ly, our nearly two and a half year old boy decided he wanted to use the toilet(!!!)


Out of the blue on Tuesday morning when I was changing his diaper he told me ‘want to go pee pee’. I frantically ran upstairs, so that I wouldn’t miss my window, to get his little potty and voila he went. Then about 20 minutes later Continue reading “Toilet Time”


Happy Hannas

Over the holiday weekend I stopped by our local Hanna Andersson to make a few exchanges. While I was in the shop I noticed they were having a great sale on pretty much all of their pajamas. Hanna and devotees of the brand refer to her pajamas as ‘sleepers’. The sleeper sale included infant, toddler and big kid sizes. Regularly $38 the sleepers were discounted to $24 with an extra 15% off.

hanna andersson sleepers pajamas elf on a shelf

The sleepers are 100% organic cotton and their guaranteed quality means that after tons of washes they still keep their bright colors and keep their softness- so perfect for hand me downs. A special tip from my family- we buy them a few sizes up because they cuff very easily. Any typically at the price of $38 you want to be sure to get a couple years (and kids) wear out of them. I tend to stick to the classic striped styles, which I grew up wearing as a kid. I love the bright colors and timeless look of them. The photo above is of my niece last year doing her best ‘elf on a shelf’ in her Hanna pjs!

The sale is still going on today so check it out. They make not only the perfect holiday gift for the little people in your life but the bonus is they are extremely cute and will provide plenty of photo ops during holiday mornings and evenings.

I have included a few of my favorite styles below.  Continue reading “Happy Hannas”

Baby Shower Swag

I have been lucky enough thus far to have two showers thrown in my honor. The first being last Saturday up in Seattle. On my cousin’s houseboat decorated with very sweet gender neutral decor items like pom poms hanging from the ceiling and mini pinatas made of seafoam, mauve and yellow tissue paper. We ate a lunch of enchiladas, tamales and sangria . Being only the second madre in our crew it was a really silly and special day with my cousin and college girlfriends.

On Sunday I was back in Portland at my mother in law’s house for my second shower. This one hosted by my sister in law. It was for what I called the ’50+ crowd’. A group of aunts, grannies and friends of my mother and mother in law. The party was a luncheon with a beautiful spread of salads, sandwiches, parfaits and best of all a mimosa bar stocked with various juices, soda waters and champagne! It was the perfect ladies luncheon.

I provided a round up of my favorite gifts thus far. They are all gender neutral since we don’t know if this little one is a he or she. Hopefully this provides some good inspiration for the next shower you attend or maybe even some gifts for the babies on your holiday list.

gender neutral registry

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