Throwback to 9 Weeks A Madre

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Happy ‘throwback thursday’ here today with a post that is from exactly two years ago. Looking at this picture my boy looks like a pet monkey, I can’t beleive it.

I wrote this post at ‘9 weeks a madre‘. The theme of the post is really focused on schedule and having a family routine which is a theme I have been thinking about a lot these past few weeks. We have totally gotten into a routine these days. I won’t bore you with the details but its kind of mind numbing at some points during the week. Weekends definitely are a time when we mix things up and break the routine which is really refreshing. Continue reading “Throwback to 9 Weeks A Madre”

Julie Blackmon’s photos

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photo by Julie Blackmon

Stumbled across this collection of photos by the photographer Julie Blackmon on the NYTimes website today and thought it might prompt a blog post. They serve as an ode to modern day Americana ala ‘eye spy’. Amongst the collection you can find little quirks and hidden messages in the props and styling. I personally love how the knife ends up in so many of the photographs, including my favorite of the series, above. Continue reading “Julie Blackmon’s photos”


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Our dog Baron has been with us for five years. He is a shelter dog that we adopted when he was two. He is a really handsome and elegant looking dog but he has your typical shelter dog temperament: skittish, quiet, uncomfortable around strangers but really sweet and dedicated friend to his owners.

He has gotten much better over the five years. Gaining confidence and personality. We were quite curious how the introduction of Mario would affect Baron’s personality. Would he love him, or hate him, or just not even give a shit. The first nine months Baron ignored the baby. Continue reading “brothers”

weekends are for momo

At 10 months into being a family of three, I can’t help but feel like I didn’t really know the value of a weekend prior to having a baby. I realize how ridiculous this is to say, but hear me out. Weekends pre baby were fun. Sleeping in & going out, doing things that I could not fit into the workweek. They were good, but never really felt like a real escape from the week. Partially due to who I would spend my weekends with, a lot of friends from work, but also because I would do a fair amount of work or be traveling for work on weekends.

Nowadays we still sleep in and we still go out. But, as you can imagine, we do most of it with Mario. We get dedicated time as a family unit, which Continue reading “weekends are for momo”