Working madre update

Today’s post is all about the ‘work work work work work’. As a working madre I like taking the time every so often to share some of the work I get to participate in at the office. When we are not too busy twinning (see below) our team gets to inspire women around the world through sport and fitness. As you can likely tell by the smiles on our faces below, its a job we love!

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twinning & on trend with some of my work wives 

About this time last summer I shared some work that had just launched by my team. Today I am back, in a new role, with more fun work to share. My current team focuses on storytelling and activation across the vast digital landscape. We look after .com, social media, email and influence all digital touch-points for our consumer. Continue reading “Working madre update”

a new schedule

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Guess what I did last night… One guess. I never would have guessed it myself. But I sautéed some butternut squash, sliced up some cheese and cooked an egg for Mario’s lunch. He started at the smallest of the three daycare/play schools out at my work today.

So much more work on my end was required to get him geared up for the day. Getting him in clean and appropriate clothes, make a lunch, pack diapers, a bottle, a ‘security blanket’ and a family photo.

We opted to get him into the little daycare out on campus one day a week, to give my mom a day off and for selfish reasons on my part. I wanted the chance to spend more time with him during the week, so by dropping him off at 8/8:30 at the daycare on campus I get to spend a little more time with him in the morning (in the car) and then have to pick him up promptly by 5pm so that means that I see him way sooner than normal days. I had imagined it would get me out of the office a bit earlier Continue reading “a new schedule”

working madre update

I wrote a few weeks back that I was transitioning into a new job at work. I have joined our global digital function working as part of the leadership group that oversees Nike Women. Moving from our traditional advertising group to the digital side is a really good fit for me. My affinity for social media, blogs, apps and all things .com has me feeling right at home. It is a truly exciting time to work with this group and something I had been aiming at for quite a while.

This new job is a promotion so both professionally and personally I am thrilled. The work is demanding and the days are long but I truly enjoy all that I am doing and especially the people I am working with. In my ‘perfect world’ I would have landed this promotion before I even got pregnant. Things rarely go to plan, right? Continue reading “working madre update”

8 months a madre: a mantra

This past Sunday Mo hit eight months. He is sitting up like a pro, laughing at things that tickle his funny bone, gaining the first of his teeth and eating solids. He is still waking up pretty regularly around 3am or 4am each night to eat but then falls back asleep for us til about 8am right after a quick nurse in bed with me. At eight months we can likely drop this feeding but it seems like more work to get him off this cycle than just spend the few minutes going to his room to retrieve him and then get him in bed with us to nurse.

On the madre front things are really picking up at work. I am being thrown into some new work streams and enjoying the new challenges. But on the personal front one challenge has been consistent. Finding time to balance the things I want and need to be doing outside of work. Especially my duties as a madre. I cannot help myself but feel a little guilty that I do not participate regularly in the drop offs and pick ups of Mo before and after work. Mike more often than not takes care of this for us and I am making a conscious decision to try and fit everything in as best I can. But aside from work, my commute and my desire to take care of my mind/body/soul alà running and burncyle there has yet been a day in the past two months where I could do it all and be the one to to the drop off/ pick up of Mo.

Fortunately Mike does a great job at handling this on the day to day. Since he works from home he can wait for Mo to wake up and then spend some time with him before escorting him up to my mom’s house for daycare. But like I said I want to be able to do this too. And on the days I do get to it is most often for a pick up after work and I do not get up to her house until 6:30 or 7pm so then I feel like I am taking advantage of her kindness.

So now, after four months back at work, I have only just begun to think about waking up earlier & getting a kickstart to the day (so adult of me), so that I can take advantage of more hours. With the primary focus on working out- I have been taking Mo for a run in the morning up to my mom’s house to take care of the drop off and the workout at the same time. Or on some days waking earlier to get a little work done at home so that I can then do the drop off without rushing immediately into the office.

Last week for example I had a few meetings fall off my calendar so my day in the office could potentially start at 9:30AM versus 8AM. I was looking forward to having some extra time with Mike and Mo in the morning and take care of the morning drop off. But as I was going to bed I remembered that I had booked a 6:30AM spin class. I weighed the options and decided that the spin class was going to be my priority. I felt a tad of guilt as I left the house that morning. But of course, as soon as I got on the bike I was so proud of myself for being there. And fortunately that morning Jessi, the spin instructor, said something in class that resonated with me. She was motivating us during one of the more challenging parts of the class and told us that ‘self care is self respect’. She applauded us for making the time for this class and taking care of our minds and bodies. Having her say that in class that morning truly struck a chord with me. What she said was so good to hear and turned my attitude about the class and about taking the time to workout, for myself, from a place of guilt to a place of appreciation.

I carried that appreciation throughout the day. And now, a week later, still use it to remind myself that I do not have to do it all. And how fortunate I am to have a partner, and family too, that let me take that time. Mike loves our little boy so much that I remind myself, the stuff that I  interpret as a ‘burden’ or ‘work’ is what we both signed up for and is as much his job as it is mine. It is amazing seeing him winning in the ‘better parent’ category and actually a fun, and healthy, competition for us both to have.

So to my husband. I know you don’t read this blog because you think I am a major nerd for even having it. But thank you for everything. TQM.

xx Ly

life this past week

I was in Mexico City all of last week for a team building session that brought the majority of the folks across the globe that work on our women’s business together. I began writing this on the flight home as I was filled with such pride and joy. One reason being because we got to spend time in one of my favorite cities, as a lady with Mexican roots it was really special to experience the city with a group of my peers, many who had not visited before, and watch as they all fell in love with the city & culture.

Most of all though I was surrounded by great people. All of whom either presented in our meeting space, or shared in conversation during meals and cultural experiences, inspiring presentations and thoughtful insights. All reminding me of the impact and opportunity we have as a brand and in our jobs. I know how fortunate I am to be working for the company I work for and that I count my coworkers as some of my best friends. My whole career has existed here. Fresh out of school, after a little jaunt living/working in Mexico, I started and since day one have known how fortunate I am to work here.

I was surrounded by the women, and a few good men, that I work closely with. People with such passion and ambition, optimism and excitement that is contagious. My pride in being a working mother was also highlighted. I love the duality I have as a working madre. Not that I am two different people or bipolar. But that I get to have more than one fulfilling thing in my life. I love my family, my friends, and I love my work. I love the lifestyle that I have chosen and the one that, to be honest, has been afforded to me by my work. I truly cannot imagine being happier, that is a lot to say (and swallow) and I pray not an invitation to immediate depression. But I felt such a sense of self, appreciation, power and authority for my life last week.

Enough of the gushing, I am on a major high right now and had to share.

xx Ly

what I do

I often get the question of what it is I actually do for work. It is hard to explain to the people who aren’t ‘in the industry‘ and is even hard to explain to my peers at work. Since the popularity of Mad Men, the ins and outs of my job have become a lot easier for people to understand. So let me break it down for you. I work on the client side meaning my team is responsible for briefing in a concept for a commercial and seeing it through until it goes live. Along the way making sure the creative does the best job of depicting the brand and ensuring that our product and athletes are flawlessly represented. Most often I am sitting in a directors chair looking at a monitor making sure with our team that everything looks good in frame as we are rolling.

I am lucky enough to work for Nike, the biggest athletics brand in the world. Even more fortunate to have grown up with Nike, based in Beaverton, in my backyard. Ever since I can remember working at Nike was my dream job. I never knew exactly where I would end up at the company and could not be happier with where I have landed. I work in our division called Brand Marketing and within a function called Brand Communications. What does that mean, you are thinking. Brand Communications is the group responsible for advertising. I work on television commercials, print ads, online ads and out of home advertising (billboards, bus shelters, etc.).

My most recent campaign launched yesterday and is called ‘Short A Guy’. It was a whirlwind production, that took place when I was down in LA two weeks ago. Enjoy!

xx Ly