house goals part: 2


Aussie house envy

This time of year I begin to spend more time at home. Work slows down, a little, right before Thanksgiving and we begin to lean into Christmas with a couple weeks off. More time at home means decorating for the holidays of course but also time to start little fix-it projects. The more time I spend surveying little projects the more I begin dreaming up design adjustments and remodeling plans.

Since we are marking three years in our house and after the decision to stay put, more about that here & here, we have been doing more and more thinking about making our house into the house we can grow and stay in. So naturally that finds me sitting in bed, beyond bedtime, collecting photos via Dwell and on Pinterest that serve as inspiration for the solutions I am dreaming up.

The focus lately has been homes with additions to the back that meld old and new architecture. Our house today has a great footprint that includes a back porch on the main floor and a sunporch on the second story above it. The idea is to remove the back side of the house and start over with something that can serve as an updated kitchen/living space on the main floor and master suite on the second. Below is a collection of some of the images I have saved for inspo.



This Louisville home blends old & new so well.


Another Australian home. Love this waterfall decking.


This big addition in Montreal.


And our favorite, this Boise house that serves as the biggest inspiration to us.

Who knows where we end up, but at the moment the design inspo is serving my renovation hungry heart in big ways. Love seeing all of this great work and continuing to day dream about our options.

xx ly



Comments are great! Would love to hear what you think! xx Ly

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