my first event, a recap!

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caught ‘grammin

Last Thursday was my first foray into an event curated by the blog. As a reminder I partnered with the shop Perican Bing for a madre’s night out shopping party. You can read more about Dominga and her shop here & here. I definitely learned a few things in hosting an event like this for the first time and reminded myself of a few things too.

First off, I am still quite shy about this blog. It has been two years and most people who know me in real life, not blog life, don’t even know that I have this little live journal out in the world. So maybe I could do a better job of self-promoting in my day to day as I enjoy sharing these anecdotes on life these days.

And second, next time I do one of these things I should be clear that these aren’t exclusive ‘moms only’ events. Trust me, my friends without kids are the BEST FRIENDS I have got. And no mom wants to be typecast and relegated to mom only friendships. That’s the whole point of this blog. To present my life as a madre through the lens and language of adulthood. Something all of my peers can appreciate and relate to. So moving forward I will always caveat that these Mom’s Night Out events are open to dog, cat and god moms too. I likely won’t be dropping the Mom’s Night Out verbiage though cause I love the ring of it!

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thanks for the support guys xx

All in all the event was a really nice night out. Friends, co-workers and fellow madres came to support and I even left the shop with two new & favorite items. These silk pants & the perfect gold bracelet. I am considering a few more events and would love to hear any ideas. Again, thanks to those of you who supported.

xx Ly


Comments are great! Would love to hear what you think! xx Ly

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