this week & last

Mo & his hiking buddies

Last week we took off Thursday in advance of the long holiday weekend and headed out to Trout Lake, Washington to spend some time out in nature at my uncle’s cabin. Our intention was to leave by noon but work and life got in the way of that. So, we left around 3:30pm which was no surprise to our travel buddies and friends who after this summer are more than familiar with McLauer travel schedules. That is them in the photo above. The movie star version of the Mike y Ly couple. Jenn looks like she should be in the PLL cast and I mean that in the best way possible.

Back to our late departure, I like to blame Mike but really it was all me, and some work meetings, that had more to do with it this time. It also didn’t help that we had some last minute house showings right when I got home from work that kept me from getting in the house to pack for the little trip, but that is good news.

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Mo trying to jump into the rapids

Up at the cabin the weather was very ‘autumnal’. We cooked some meals, drank some drinks, sat by the fire, went on a ‘nature walk’ (not a hike cause I forgot to pack any sort of baby carrier thing) and a 500 piece puzzle was accomplished. It was a nice escape and had us asking ourselves, as we always do after a visit to the cabin, why we don’t go more often.

On the house front things have been slower than we had hoped. The holiday weekend has not helped this thing fly off the market, neither does the size of the house or the price point. But we had another showing this morning and are still crossing our fingers that something will work out. But if it doesn’t then we just know it was not meant to be. The family matriarch of my aunt’s family said something at our Labor Day dinner that resonated with me. It was what I needed to hear at this moment in time, as we are dreaming and planning about this new house. She said that if things don’t workout, no matter how much you think they are right it is because they were just not meant to be and that something better is around the corner. I will take that as my solace during this very small window of our lives as the clock continues to run out on our opportunity.

making la madre blog
Sun porch vibes c/o our stagers

To continue on the optimistic note, I am loving the tweaks that the stagers made at our house. We never really spent much time in our ‘tv room’ upstairs or on the sun porches on the back of the house. So if we don’t end up selling at least the house is in better shape than it was a couple weeks ago and we are utilizing our space a bit better.

xx ly


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