#oneyearamadre by Raphaelle

Today’s post is really special as it comes one day before Mario’s birthday. But also because it is a really nice reflection on everything that goes into year number one. My friend and coworker Raphaelle wrote this when her first son Baptiste was turning one.

 Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 11.01.27 PM
One year.
And what a year.
I learned how to make a human.
Feed a baby.
Produce milk.
Pump my milk and store it.
Be entertaining while being grumpy.
Go for a walk while craving sleep.
Keep my friends.
Make new friends.
Take awesome pictures.
Camp with a baby.
Nap at anytime of the day.
Sacrifice myself.
Give myself away.
Find myself back.
Give. Love.
Cuddle like I never cuddled before.
Cry for happiness I never knew existed before.
Changed like I never did before.
Learned how to love my big body.
My thin body.
My huge boobs.
My deflated boobs.
How to take a shower in two minutes.
How important make-up is.
How to make love after delivering a baby.
How to stay connected to my husband.
How to disconnect from the world.
I learned how to stay humble and make concessions.
I learned how to teach, how to listen, how to admire, observe and appreciate like I never did before.
I learned how to share, wait, look.
How to take care of someone every single minute of their life because they are so dependent on you.
I learned how similar babies are with old people and how important they all are in our lives.
I learned how to communicate better.
How to let go.
How to fight for what I wanted.
How to prioritize.
And how to take care of myself in order to take better care of others.

I do not think I could have ever learned more in one year. This was the best year of my life. I love you so much Baptiste. Happy, happy birthday my baby. You are my sun, my soul, my life.

Thank you for sharing Raph! This is a very sweet reminder of everything that takes place in year one and the growth that takes place for parents and children alike.

xx Ly

Comments are great! Would love to hear what you think! xx Ly

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