running on 3 words

We started running with Mo in late April, when he became big and sturdy enough to sit and fit into the seat of the stroller, meaning we don’t have to use the carseat attachment. As I mentioned before, we got a hand me down BOB stroller from a family member. Running with him is no joke and definitely takes some adjustment time. I want to believe it is more of a full body workout with the pushing and all but am not 100% sure of that.

I have gotten to the point where I can push him with one arm and alternate my arms every so often so that I get some balance to my stride. It is actually fun taking him out for a run. Most often he just falls asleep but I like the fact that I am out getting my run in and don’t have to rely on someone to watch him for me if they aren’t around. I like to pretend that this counts as bonding time for us. Its not- he is out front facing the world watching everything come at us. I do not think he is even aware that I am pushing him.

stylish running stroller

I am well aware that running with a jogging stroller is not the coolest thing on the planet. And honestly have a love hate relationship with it. On a run recently I was pushing up a hill with Mo and the stroller and a hip young woman walking her dog saw me coming. As I ran past her she looked me straight in the eye and said:

“you are awesome.”

It was an amazing thing to hear from a complete stranger. And still brings me a bit of pride as I think back on it even today. So thank you random lady, you truly made my day and affirmed for me what I was feeling in the moment, even if I had a clunky jogging stroller in front of me.

xx Ly


2 thoughts on “running on 3 words

  1. You ARE awesome. Running strollers abound in Denver/Boulder. Hip, strong mamas are out there working their hammies everyday! It’s hard work (I’ve tried when running with friends who’re pushing strollers), and inspiring.


    1. thx Eliz! I had intended to run 11 miles over the weekend but scheduling and circumstances lead me to be running with Mo instead. I ran 6.5 miles and figured that instead of running double digits I could be satisfied running for two instead!


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