First off I feel like I have seen this hashtag used over multiple weeks so far during my short stint as a madre. So I am not sure if we are even in the ‘real’ World Breastfeeding Week. Nonetheless I was inspired to post an image from the weekend due to the hashtag, and also thought it would make sense to re-share my ‘ode to breastfeeding‘ post from March. I wrote this post to shed some light on the good and bad experiences I had as a new madre. Some madres out there are real scary when it comes to breastfeeding. They treat it with the tenacity and passion that some reserve only for their favorite sports franchise or presidential candidate. It can get kind of ugly and it can get just a bit too much as these women gush over their babies and boobs when you have chosen to go a different route or mother nature has decided you go a different route.

Short story, the hard times at the beginning have made me appreciate the act of breastfeeding and what I am able to produce for my guy. We supplement with formula daily as I can’t keep up with his appetite. I am now onto a whole other saga as I returned last week from my work trip to a much lower supply than when I left. I encourage you to go check out my post from March, link above, and would love to hear about your own struggles, epiphanies and stories.

xx Ly

ps doesn’t his head look huge in this pic!


2 thoughts on “#worldbreastfeedingweek

  1. Lauren from Seattle U here, finally commenting! I read your blog ALL THE TIME and love it – our kiddos are only a few months apart and I so enjoy your voice.
    I’m just wrapping up breastfeeding (well, exclusively pumping, which suuuuuucks) and have mixed feelings of guilt and relief. I’m so excited to have my boobs back to myself…but also catch myself feeling like a bad mama for not sticking it out longer for my dude. A reality check tells me I’ve done my best job for him and I’m working hard to also focus on the thrill of not having to pump/leak/battle thrush every few hours!
    My breastfeeding journey is such a powerful reminder of how badass the female body is, and what a privilege it is to be a mama and nourish my kiddo. Go madres, go!

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    1. Hi Lauren!!! Thanks so much for the comment. And of course thanks for reading too. Congrats on this milestone, I feel ya about the guilt and relief. But it is a milestone worth celebrating none the less. If you ever want to do a guestpost just let me know! xx Ly


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