this gamechanger is the shit

Warning this is a super HOTT post.

Just last night while picking up diapers at Target, who have I become(!?!) I had the good idea to explore the manual breast pump options. My sister used one when she was nursing and I remember my mom saying how much she had liked it. The reason for this exploration is to due yet another trip for work I have next week. I wanted something less bulky to pack and something that would be easy to use on layovers.

Initially a manual breast pump sounded like too much work, for obvious reasons, the word manual being the most obvious. I was hesitant to pull the trigger on it but decided to get one and bring it home knowing I could return if I didn’t think it would work. I opted for the Medela Harmony model which was around $40. I see now on target’s website that it is only $27, so might have to go back and ask for some cash back. I also opted to purchase some of the milk bags to use versus bottles. While I have become accustomed to rinsing and cleaning the bottles everyday and night it does get a bit laborious. Before becoming a madre was I ever so militant about emptying the sink before bed. So the disposable milk bags are a game changer.

I jumped right in and used the manual pump and baggies for the first time last night. We went to the movies so I missed the nighttime feeding while my sister babysat. Once I got home I decided to put the pump to use. I was impressed with how easy to use it was and how well it worked. Most of all I am happy that I am going to have a discreet option to take with me while I am traveling. I could easily fit the manual pump into my purse or work bag and definitely my carryon.

And because you are curious, the above photo is of Mo trying to eat some little shit emojis the other weekend at a friend’s bridal shower.

xx Ly


3 thoughts on “this gamechanger is the shit

  1. I just got the Harmony a few weeks ago for the same reason, I wanted something less bulky and quick to use, and I kind of love it as well. I find myself using it even when the electric one is available. Who would have thought?

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  2. Really?? I’m fascinated! Is it as efficient? Can you do both sides at one time? Would love something to bring for day trips etc!


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