My baby is on facebook

I have no clue why I put so much stress on the decision of posting a pic of Mo on facebook. I think it was my first post in a year or so. But tonight after consultation and a lot of back and forth I decided to just bite the bullet and post. He hit three months today, looking cuter than ever, so I thought it was reason enough to share. I kept my pregnancy off social media for the most part so there will be a bit of a surprise factor which I admit is a little fun.

My hesitation is quite bizarre, I don’t have much issue with posting his image on this blog or even on my personal instagram. The rationale I have come up with is that I find comfort in putting our life out there under my Making La Madre accounts as we have a bit more anonymity. Most of my followers on these accounts have only been introduced to us through these accounts and I assume are following to get my perspective on what I am putting out there, not expecting anything more. Don’t know where I am going with this but was seriously having some anxiety (amusing none the less) about posting.

xx Ly


3 thoughts on “My baby is on facebook

  1. Ly – my husband and I had this same debate before Baby E was born. I felt the same way – Instagram seemed to provide more anonymity than Facebook. There was something about the face recognition that seemed to be so permanent. In the end, we did decide to post, but we don’t tag ourselves in those photos. And I definitely more photos on Instagram than FB. You are not alone in this debate

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