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Most madres would agree that shopping and dressing a little girl is more fun and obviously comes more naturally. There seems to be more clothing options for little girls and definitely more accessories to play with. I am a lady who loves accessories: jewelry, handbags, headbands, hats etc.

When I thought about having a baby boy and dressing him I was stumped thinking about what I could add to his outfits to make them more interesting and make putting his outfits together more fun. I soon discovered bibdanas on Etsy and across other sites. I actually ended up registering for some from the shop Guguberry on Etsy.

I posted about bibdanas already in my Favorite Newborn Things post last month and since then have found a few more brands that I wanted to share.

I bought Mo two of these Pippi bibdanas that have a traditional bandana motif, and I think they are perfect! They are more a traditional bib design with their shape and are nice and thick keeping drool and spit up from soaking through.

The other brand I really like is called Dribble Ons. These are one side cotton and one side terry cloth cut into a triangle with snap closure in the back. They are lightweight and very soft. I use both sides of the bib in the event one side gets dirty.

I bought both on Amazon just last week to add to our growing bibdana collection. Like I mentioned in my other post about bibdanas,

xx Ly


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