Latest #firstworld parenting dilemma

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Lots of new terms are taught and learned when one is pregnant. One such term is the ‘push present‘. My dear friend Katie, single and without children, scoffed when she heard the term and learned about the concept. She said ‘that is so waspy!’ I could not help but giggle and agree. But the longer I have been pregnant the more this idea of a gift after the duration of pregnancy and something special to commemorate the act sounds like a good idea. Sadly though I think it is the shopaholic, retail addicted consumer in me that likes the idea. Shouldn’t the kid be gift enough? The honor, ability and wonder of bringing new life into the world ranks pretty high up there for some, right?

Either way most women choose to commemorate the arrival of their child with a piece of jewelry. Typically a ring or necklace- some kind of fine jewels or maybe even the babies gemstone, initials, date, name, etc. As soon as I learned about the ‘push present’, maybe two or three years ago, I knew immediately that the jewelry thing was not quite my speed. I would much prefer a handbag.

But now of course with my +1 asking me what I want for this gift I am on the fence of if I need/want/should get one. It kinda creeps me out now to think about it. A handbag I covet more than my baby? Don’t worry, I am not that demented. But still some of these items have been higher on my want list than say- ‘having a baby at 30’ (haha).

Top of my list is a Goyard monogrammed wallet (imaged above). Unfortunately they are only sold in stores. Goyard in San Francisco is closest to me and aside from the plane fees and California sales tax the price of the wallet with monogramming is quite embarrassing, but a girl can dream! I am still stumped as to what to ‘get’ for my gift. But open to the idea as long as my +1 is.

Updates to come, would love to hear how any of you commemorated your child’s birth and if you were team #pushpresent or not.

xx Ly


5 thoughts on “Latest #firstworld parenting dilemma

  1. Oops. I think the idea is kind of creepy. Although I’m like you, a consumer, I felt like enough consumption had been done in preparation for the baby. The thousands of dollars spent on medical bills also made it hard for me to see any justification. While my +1 was so excited about our child ands persecuted the “work” I did to bring her into the world, he’s also incredibly practical and financially conservative. Plus any new handbags would have surely been ruined by leaky bottles. 😉


  2. My husband arrived in my hospital room with a new Starbucks mugs and VOGUE magazine. Which was very thoughtful as l HATE small cups of tea and l also hate being bored in a hospital bed.


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