Our Baby Registry

I have received a few questions about what registry we chose for our baby swag. We were fortunate to receive a lot of big ticket items already either as generous gifts from our family or hand me downs from the slew of cousins this kid is gonna have. So because we did not need so many items from the big box stores and because I love supporting independent, local and niche shops I opted to use BabyList.

BabyList is pretty much a build your own registry that allows you to pull in items from pretty much any site or store with online checkout- or not. You can submit a photo or details from a local shop to accompany the item on your list. You can even put in non purchasable items like: do our laundry, make us dinner, etc.

I had items from Target, Zara, Nordstrom, local boutiques and Etsy shops on our registry. It was a perfect mix of things that we wanted to start collecting for the kid. In general we are in the ‘less is more’ camp and the list below was a mix of fun and practical items that would be awesome to have once this little person arrives. I pulled some of our items for a little sample visual below.

real babylist sample registry

I am definitely suggesting BabyList to anyone who asks about where and what to register for. Its easy to use and collects information and notes from folks who reserve and purchase the items for you- which makes thank you cards very easy!  There are lots more perks to joining BabyList including starter lists for registries as well as coupons and discounts for the items already on your list. And not to be forgotten the ease of the app for your phone!

thanks for reading!

xx Ly


Comments are great! Would love to hear what you think! xx Ly

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