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making la madre blog round up

I have acquired some new followers in the past couple weeks and wanted to put together a little round up or grab bag of some of my favorite posts from the blog so far. As I have tried to make clear, this blog is my attempt at a focusing on easing into motherhood and #firstworld parenting. This first round up is focusing a bit on the fluffy stuff and some favorite style posts and products I have discovered. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Hashtags, Instagrams & Apps for Bebe: This was my first true detour into the #firstworld parenting conversation, asking the very important question of: Should I hashtag my baby?
  2. Hatch Collection Bateau Dress: A post about my first ever maternity purchase was a splurge and I am very happy with it. Go take a look!
  3. Summer Style at 13 Weeks: This post was my first ‘personal post’. I say that because it featured a photo of me- with my head cut off- and it shares how we finally shared our news with my family over 4th of July.
  4. OTR Baby: This post has some gushing about Beyonce (love!) click through to see the super cute custom onesie my good friend gave me.
  5. Coveted Things: This was the very first baby product I discovered that I felt SPOKE TO ME. Check it out.

xx ly


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