‘out & about with baby’ bag Part 2

merin designs ketchum tote all black

This might just become diaper bag week here on Making La Madre! After going through my bloglovin feed yesterday morning I saw that blog-friends Katie and Regan at Cardigan’s & Couture just posted about their favorite bag from, new to me designer/brand, Merin Design. They both have the Ketchum bag and use them as totes that take them around town for their various activities: spin class, visits to the park, dog walks, etc.

My first thought was to wonder if these would work well as a diaper bag, they are completely waterproof (!) a very big plus for this Pacific Northwest gal. I have asked the blogging sisters for their thoughts as Regan is mom on the go. I really like the look of the all black bag and as I have read about all of the features I am likely going to pull the trigger. I will probably find a way to take the logo patch off the bag so its a little more minimalistic.

merin designs tote bags as diaper bags

The bags have a similar utilitarian style to the Filson bags but are a fraction of the price tag coming in at $68 for the medium or $88 for the big. They come in a variety of colors and the two sizes listed above- medium and big. They even offer a monogram option if that is your kind of thing. If this bag does not end up work as a diaper bag it will still be a great bag for work and weekends.

I still have another bag that I am lusting after that I plan to post soon. But will keep my eyes out for others and hope you share any favorites or options too.

xx Ly


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