Baby Moccasins

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The baby moccasin trend is alive and well. I remember a couple years back when Freshly Picked was introduced, I think maternity style crush Kourtney K was the first to introduce me to them, I was in love with the moccs- how cute, how practical and how perfect for my future kid. The moccs have blown up in the past couple years- you can buy multiple colors, patterns and limited edition styles from their site and you can even buy them at Nordstrom! Once I got to a point a couple months back where I started exploring baby items I was hesitant to purchase them and even more hesitant to throw them on my registry due to their $60 price tag.

Fortunately for me though, through the wonders of Instagram I discovered Mini Acorn. Their founder & creator Nicole followed my Making La Madre account and I soon after followed her too. I was pleasantly surprised that she offers adorable genuine leather baby moccasins- yes much like the Freshly Picked variety but at $19!!! She offers traditional moccs, metalic moccs and super cute ones for baby girls with bows on them.

I soon after ordered a pair in gender neutral canary yellow and am very happy with the quality and product! They are seriously so adorable and I paired them with the little baby stuff we do have already/ semi reveal of the baby room in process too! The AA onesie from our Fourth of July pregnancy announcement to my parents and a pair of navy sweats from baby Gap. The brass elephant in the photo was the first thing I bought for the nursery just two weeks back at a local antique store.

mini acorn moccasins baby nursery

mini acorn moccasins baby outfitThanks for reading! Would love your thoughts on baby mocs- who has them and loves them? Who doesn’t get the big deal?

xx Ly


8 thoughts on “Baby Moccasins

  1. Eek! Big moccasin fan over here! Elodie wore her gold moccs for our family photos this weekend and I was thinking how I need MORE, but $60 is so steep! This is such a great find — thank you!


    1. I know! $19 is such a score compared to the $60 ones!!! As I mentioned I already purchased a pair and gifted a friend a pair for her baby boy- he loves them! The quality seems just as good. Let me know how you think they compare.


  2. I have a pair of FP and love them (but would never pay $60 for them – I bought them used.) I also have some cheap moccs off Zulily (that I’m less happy with – leather tore with first outside wear) and I just bought two mini acorn pairs. I love them! Super adorable! My child isn’t walking yet so I don’t know how the leather holds up but they seem to be great quality!


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