No Good

maternity pants no good madre made well gap maternity

 What is it about maternity pants, is anyone else having issues or is it just me?

I have purchased three pairs of maternity pants thus far. I don’t want to purchase any more due to my overall principal of not wanting to spend money on maternity wear.

The pants I have are a pair of jeans from TOPSHOP, a pair of black pants from TOPSHOP and a pair of black denim leggings from Gap Maternity.

I do not love any of them. My least favorite are the GAP ones, pictured above and called the 1969 elastic insert legging jeans. They are a skinny jean legging style so intended to be a tight fit. They are cute and flattering. They look and feel the most like real pants. The main complaint I have is that they end up being quite uncomfortable. They never stay at my waist, maybe that is because I am lacking a real waist? But my thought is… If these are marketed as maternity pants shouldn’t they know how to fit and flatter a pregnant woman’s body? So in short- cute for the first 2 minutes I wear them but after that they are the worst.

The TOPSHOP pairs are better than the GAP pair but still not perfect. Still get the saggy bottom and they begin to get saggy below the knees, through the thighs and all over. In short, I am not having much luck.

Fortunately jogging pants are all the rage this season. The slouchy elastic waisted pants come in a multitude of fabrics so I can find the right pair and of course are extremely comfortable. I have a pair from Target that I purchased in the early Summer as well as a few pairs from last year that I have been rotating into my wardrobe.

Below is some inspiration from pinterest.

maternity pants jogger pants

xx Ly


4 thoughts on “No Good

  1. Hi Ly – try pea in a pod demin leggings – I have no sag in these at all and I love them! I have the same problem with Gap. They get saggy after a couple of wears, but I also find that with most Gap stuff.. they don’t really keep their shape! Let the search continue!!!! Good luck!


  2. I have a pair if James Jeans that I love. They have the over the belly band and they do not fall down on me. I also have a pair of DL 1961 that I like as well just not as much as the James. The DL pair sits under the belly and the waist band tends to roll down so I have to wear my belly band with them. I also love the jogging pant trend. I splurged on a pair from Splendid but I’ll be able to wear those after baby. You can also find great deals from Amazon on premium maternity denim. I found my James pair for $30!


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