Maternity Style Crush #1

maternity style crush natasha goldenberg

Today we are going to talk style inspiration. I recently started following Natasha Goldenberg on Instagram after seeing her featured on The Glow’s Instagram account a few times. She is a NYC based stylist and designer (must be heaven!) who is expecting her second kid very soon.

I love seeing her daily posts that feature her life as a madre in NYC, behind the scenes snaps from showrooms and runways, and of course her stellar wardrobe.

Below are a few of my favorite snaps & looks of hers.

madre madewell maternity style crush

Do you have any maternity style crushes either that you know in person or follow in Instagram? Please share in the comments!
xx Ly


2 thoughts on “Maternity Style Crush #1

  1. Well I’m super appreciative of your hashtags on Instagram which led me straight to your blog! My husband and I are in love with this stroller!!! We currently have the Quinny Moodd for our little one but it’s definitely a lot more bulky than the Urbo. I haven’t tried the Urbo yet as we have just ordered it but I have watched a ton of demonstrations and it seems like such a fab and lightweight stroller compared to the other brands out there! But above all, Good luck with your pregnancy! Xo

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    1. Hi Taylor, glad you found me via instagram! Is it silly to say I am excited for your new stroller arrival!?! Would love to hear about it ends up working out for you guys. And thanks for the kind words. xx Ly


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