OTR Baby

Have you seen this performance from the Jay-Z and Beyonce On The Run Tour? They closed out each show with this mash up of Young Forever and Halo. It is a montage of personal moments from the couple life together featuring their wedding video, Blue Ivy’s birth and numerous happy snaps from vacations, holidays and family get togethers. It was a really memorable and special moment for me this summer to watch this at their show as I was 17 weeks pregnant and loving the positive family vibes that the end to the show was providing.

It was so amazing in fact that one of my good bachelor friends, who was also at the show, commented on how this specific performance and show closer made him want to get married. The effect it had on me was more of a genuine sense of excitement that my +1 and I are starting our own family together. It was the first time that it was really put into perspective for me how special this is for us. We had talked about starting a family in the abstract so much over the past 9 years, but were still completely shocked, scared and surprised by this pregnancy back in April.

Another highlight of the show was that I went with my best group of girlfriends from college. My sweet friend Jenna made me this custom onesie for the occasion. I absolutely LOVE it and told her on the spot it was definite choice for ‘coming home from the hospital’ outfit. We just need a pair of jeans, beanie and leather jacket to pair with it now.


xx Ly


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