Hello and welcome to (almost) Autumn! The temperature in LA, where I am for work this week, has dropped enough for me to layer on this TOPSHOP Maternity jacket that I bought a few months back. I wanted to share this jacket even though yes it is maternity but love that it is not at all obviously maternity. Its just a bit oversize and I can already tell will provide LOTS of room come the end of this pregnancy.

Military style jackets have become such a staple in my wardrobe so I was very excited to find one early on in my pregnancy. It truly was a welcome find when I discovered it on back in June (sorry sold out now). TOPSHOP makes stylish moderately priced pieces at good quality.


The other two pieces in my outfit are not maternity. The leggings (a) I got back in July at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale from the BP section. I love that they are leggings (and not maternity), look like denim and have detailing that makes them a great addition to my wardrobe. They are extremely comfortable and unique.

The top (b) is Bella Dahl from last Summer. Its flowy and light weight and has been on rotation in my wardrobe the past 14 months.

shop these looks: a, b


5 thoughts on “TOPSHOP coat

  1. So happy to run across your blog! I’m 20 weeks pregnant and on the hunt for non-maternity maternity clothes. I actually ordered the track list side-zip sweater thinking about how useful the zipper was – but it was super chunky on me and added a lot of bulk. After seeing it on you, I want to try again, but probably in a smaller size.

    Keep up the posts! I’ll be visiting again soon!


    1. Hi Sophie. Thanks for the sweet note. I agree with you on the track list size zip up. In the photos I feel like it looks a little frumpy. but I loved how soft and wearable it was. Definitely try a smaller size. And of course the bonus points that you can wear it after the baby arrives. See you back here soon. Are you posting anywhere? xx Ly


      1. I know what you mean! Still not social media public on my end either. I’m writing this blog as anonymously as possible. I only told work at 22 weeks- it was a total scene out of ‘knocked up’!


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