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Welcome to my blog inspired by a recent trip to Madewell. I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with my first child and have been struggling with how to ‘dress the bump’. Both my personality and fashion sense lean towards not wanting to show off the belly in stretchy tanks or dresses and I am not excited about spending more money on a pair of flattering jeans to wear for four months that are more expensive than anything I owend pre-pregnancy. This is a dilemma that I can imagine a lot of madres to be are in.

So after a recent wander into a Madewell store I was surprised to learn that the clothes I always thought were cute- were actually perfect for my expanding figure. Honestly though, I never really owned anything aside from a white tee-shirt (more to come about those) from the shop but once I hit the dressing room I walked out with about 8 items ready for my Fall/Holiday 2014 wardrobe. What made me feel the best about these purchases was that they were in fact NOT maternity clothes.

Coming soon- photos of how I choose to style these pieces and what I like about wearing them as maternity clothes.

Thanks for checking me out!
xx Ly

 shop these looks: a, b, c


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